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The most successful movies, first aired in 1993 year

51. Who's the Man? (1993)
Ed Lover and Doctor Dre are two inept barbers...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 11 299 730
52. RoboCop 3 (1993)
The mega corporation Omni Consumer Products is still bent on creating their pet project, Delta City, to replace the rotting city of Detroit...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 10 696 210
53. Look Who's Talking Now (1993)
In this, the third film, it's the pets who do the talking...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 10 340 263

User Rating:  5.0/10
Votes: 1
54. What's Eating Gilbert Grape (1993)
Gilbert Grape lives in Endora, a place where nothing much happens...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 10 032 765

User Rating:  8.0/10
Votes: 1
55. Flesh and Bone (1993)
Some thirty years after Arlis witnesses his father murdering a family, he runs into Kay, who happens to be the family's baby who was spared...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 9 709 451
56. Matinee (1993)
A showman introduces a small coastal town to a unique movie experience and capitalises on the Cuban Missile crisis hysteria with a kitschy horror extravaganza combining film effects, stage props and actors in rubber suits in this salute to the B-movie...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 9 532 895

User Rating:  8.5/10
Votes: 2
57. We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story (1993)
Captain New Eyes travels back in time and feeds dinosaurs his Brain Grain cereal, which makes them intelligent and nonviolent...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 9 317 021
58. Lost in Yonkers (1993)
In 1942 in the Bronx, Evelyn Kurnitz has just passed away following a lengthy illness...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 9 285 189
59. Leprechaun (1993)
When Dan O'Grady returns to the U.S...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 8 556 940

User Rating:  8.0/10
Votes: 1
60. The Meteor Man (1993)
One night Jefferson Reed gets hit in the chest by a souped-up chunk of meteor...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 8 016 708
61. Dazed and Confused (1993)
The adventures of high school and junior high students on the last day of school in May 1976...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 7 993 039
62. Fatal Instinct (1993)
A spoof of the late 80s and early 90s suspense thrillers and murder mysteries, including Basic Instinct, Sleeping With The Enemy, Cape Fear and others...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 7 839 327
63. Searching for Bobby Fischer (1993)
Josh Waitzkin is just a typical American boy interested in baseball when one day he challenges his father at chess and wins...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 7 266 383

User Rating:  6.8/10
Votes: 5
64. Fearless (1993)
After a terrible air disaster, survivor Max Klein emerges a changed person...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 6 995 302
65. Best of the Best II (1993)
In an underground fight club, blackbelt Travis Brickley is killed after losing to the evil martial arts master Brakus...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 6 608 687
66. Once Upon a Forest (1993)
UK, USA, Taiwan, Spain, Canada, Denmark
This animated wildlife film provides an environmental friendly message that humans are a malicious, careless breed...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 6 582 052
67. The House of the Spirits (1993)
Portugal, Germany, Denmark, USA, France
Chile, second half of the 20th century...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 6 265 311

User Rating:  6.0/10
Votes: 8
68. Short Cuts (1993)
While helicopters overhead spray against a Medfly infestation a group of Los Angeles lives intersect, some casually, some to more lasting effect...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 6 110 979
69. The Cemetery Club (1993)
This comedy with much Jewish humor is about the widows Doris, Ester and Lucille, who's husbands died one after another in just a few years...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 6 011 745
70. Heaven & Earth (1993)
France, USA
The final movie in Oliver Stone's Vietnam trilogy follows the true story of a Vietnamese village girl who survives a life of suffering and hardship during and after the Vietnam war...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 5 864 949

User Rating:  5.2/10
Votes: 4
71. Swing Kids (1993)
The story of a close-knit group of young kids in Nazi Germany who listen to banned swing music from the US...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 5 632 086
72. Ba wang bie ji (1993)
China, Hong Kong
"Farewell, My Concubine" is a movie with two parallel, intertwined stories...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 5 216 888

User Rating:  6.3/10
Votes: 10
73. Jack the Bear (1993)
Danny De Vito is a professional clown, whose wife's death in a car accident has left him to care for his two young boys...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 5 145 823

User Rating:  7.5/10
Votes: 2
74. Ghost in the Machine (1993)
Karl Hochman, a technician in a computer shop, is also "The Address-Book Killer", who obtains the names of his victims from stolen address-books...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 5 086 909
75. Surf Ninjas (1993)
Brothers Johnny, an adolescent surf talent, and Adam, a preadolescent video-game addict, grow up care-free in California as adopted sons of Marines veteran Mac, inseparable friends of wacky local lout Iggy...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 4 916 135
76. Little Buddha (1993)
Italy, France, Liechtenstein, UK
Lama Norbu comes to Seattle in search of the reincarnation of his dead teacher, Lama Dorje...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 4 858 139

User Rating:  5.0/10
Votes: 3
77. Bound by Honor (1993)
Based on the true life experiences of poet Jimmy Santiago Baca, the film focuses on half-brothers Paco and Cruz, and their bi-racial cousin Miklo...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 4 496 583
78. Mr. Nanny (1993)
A friend persuades the former wrestling star Sean to do a job as bodyguard for the two kids of top manager Frank Mason - someone is threatening him to get the plans for a secret micro chip...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 4 348 572
79. This Boy's Life (1993)
In 1957, a son and mother flee the East and an abusive boyfriend to find a new life, and end up in Seattle, where the mother meets a polite garage mechanic...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 4 104 962

User Rating:  7.5/10
Votes: 2
80. Father Hood (1993)
A deadbeat dad kidnaps his kids from the bus...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 3 418 141
81. Gunmen (1993)
USA, Mexico
USD400,000,000 is stolen and a drug lord wants it back...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 3 411 885
82. The Snapper (1993)
Set in Ireland, Sharon Curley is a 20 year old living with her parents and many brothers and sisters...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 3 323 524
83. Mi vida loca (1993)
Mousie and Sad Girl are childhood best friends in a contemporary Los Angeles poor Hispanic neighborhood...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 3 267 313
84. Calendar Girl (1993)
Like many adolescent boys, Roy Darpinian had the hots for movie divas, and one in particular was his wet dream as half of America's in the 1950s: Marilyn Monroe...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 2 570 550
85. The Nutcracker (1993)
On Christmas Eve, a little girl named Marie (Cohen) falls asleep after a party at her home and dreams herself (or does she?) into a fantastic world where toys become larger than life...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 2 119 994
86. Mùi du du xanh (1993)
France, Vietnam
A little girl, Mui, went to a house as a new servant...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 1 700 992
87. A Home of Our Own (1993)
The story begins in Los Angeles when Frances Lacey (Kathy Bates) takes her six children and drives north to find a home of their own away from the bad influences of the big city...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 1 677 807

User Rating:  4.0/10
Votes: 1
88. Josh and S.A.M. (1993)
Josh and Sam are two brothers facing change, their mother is about to marry a French accountant and the kids are sent to go live with their father in Florida...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 1 640 220

User Rating:  6.0/10
Votes: 1
89. Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould (1993)
Canada, Netherlands, Portugal, Finland
A collection of vignettes highlighting different aspects of the life, work, and character of the acclaimed Canadian classical pianist...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 1 319 521
90. King of the Hill (1993)
Depression era movie...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 1 214 231

User Rating:  8.0/10
Votes: 1
91. Street Knight (1993)
A former cop returns to challenge a plot to escalate gang violence in the streets of Los Angeles...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 841 015
92. In weiter Ferne, so nah! (1993)
A group of angels in the German capital look longingly upon the life of humans...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 810 455
93. Mother's Boys (1993)
Jude Madigan abandons her husband Robert and her three sons without any explanation...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 737 548

User Rating:  8.0/10
Votes: 1
94. Household Saints (1993)
Unsettling drama about three generations of Italian-American women struggling to get by in post-World War II New York's Little Italy...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 712 418
95. Les visiteurs (1993)
A medieval nobleman and his squire are accidentally transported to contemporary times by a senile sorcerer...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 659 810
96. Heung Gong wun fung kwong (1993)
Hong Kong, UK
The diminutive, loincloth-clad Bushman from the Kalihari Desert who starred in The Gods Must Be Crazy and in its sequel also appears in this Hong Kong comedy...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 650 103

User Rating:  6.0/10
Votes: 2
97. Cronos (1993)
A mysterious device designed to provide its owner with eternal life resurfaces after four hundred years, leaving a trail of destruction in its path...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 621 392
98. Gekijô-ban - Bishôjo senshi Sêrâ Mûn R (1993)
Japan, USA
Fiore, an old friend from Mamoru's lonely childhood who couldn't survive on Earth, returns with flowers he promised Mamoru...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 619 902
99. Body Snatchers (1993)
Family moves to military base for the summer, but the soldiers are behaving even more strangely than usual...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 428 868

User Rating:  7.5/10
Votes: 2
100. The Cement Garden (1993)
France, Germany, UK
An entire family is together at the outset of the film, but not for long...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 322 975

User Rating:  6.6/10
Votes: 11

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