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The most successful movies, first aired in 1991 year

101. By the Sword (1991)
A mysterious man, Suba, gets himself a job at a fencing academy, and as he learns the way of the students, the school, and its maestro, they learn that there's more to him than meets the eye...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 6 220
102. December (1991)
Set in a New England prep school on the day after Pearl Harbor, five close friends must choose whether to stay in school or go to war...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 5 868
103. Oy, vy, gusi... (1991)
Soviet Union
Director Lidia Bobrova wanted to tell the astonishingly bleak story of her brothers' lives and kept resubmitting this movie project to the state film boards for approval...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 3 614

User Rating:  8.0/10
Votes: 2
104. Scissors (1991)
A woman trying to recover from a sexual attack is locked in a posh apartment with a corpse of the very man she's been dreaming would murder her...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 2 368

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