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Terminal City (TV series)

Director: Rachel Talalay, Kari Skogland, Lynne Stopkewich, Stephen Surjik
Release: 17 Oct 2005
Country: Canada
Runtime: 50 minutes
Genre: Drama

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A woman diagnosed with breast cancer, takes over an ailing reality show, turning it into a hit as her body and life begin to change. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Alex Ferris [8] Angelic Boy (TV Episode: 1.3) (2005)
Quinn Lord [6] Marmaduke (TV Episode: 1.1) (2005)
Katie Boland [17] Sarah Sampson (TV Episode: Episode #1.10) (2005)
Adam Butcher [17] Nicky Sampson (TV Episode: Episode #1.10) (2005)
Cassandra Sawtell [8] Kayla (TV Episode: Episode #1.5) (2005)
Ross Birchall [16] Kristov (TV Episode: 1.1) (2005)

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