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Criminal Minds (TV series)

Quantico (USA: working title)

My Rating: /10
Rating:  6.2/10  Votes:  ( 5 )    IMDb

2005 September, 22
42 minutes
Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller


When on TV?

1 Jun, 09:15 AXN Polska Episode 14.9
1 Jun, 10:05 AXN Polska Episode 14.10
1 Jun, 21:45 RTS Un
1 Jun, 22:30 RTS Un
2 Jun, 10:55 AXN Polska Episode 14.10
2 Jun, 11:45 AXN Polska Episode 14.11
2 Jun, 22:45 AXN Polska Episode 15.9
2 Jun, 23:30 AXN Polska Episode 15.10

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Based in Quantico, Virginia, the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) is a subsection of the FBI. Called in by local police departments to assist in solving crimes of a serial and/or extremely violent nature where the perpetrator is unknown (referred to by the Unit as the unknown subject or unsub for short), the BAU uses the controversial scientific art of profiling to track and apprehend the unsub. Profiling entails coming up with basic characteristics of the unsub and the victims (referred to as the victimology), using evidence from the case and matching that information to historic precedents and psychological analyses as a means to solve the case. Because of the nature of the work conducted by the BAU - the work being time consuming and psychologically demanding - its members are fiercely loyal to the Unit and to its other members. Also because of the work's overall demanding nature, not many members of the BAU have been able to maintain a happy or stable family life. - IMDb

Главные герои сериала - команда лучших следователей ФБР, способных понять и проанализировать ход мыслей самых изощрённых преступников, предугадать их дальнейшие поступки и тем самым предотвратить ужасные преступления. Когда обычные криминалисты заходят в тупик, на помощь им приходят специалисты по поведенческому анализу.

Rating Percentage % Votes
Arithmetic mean = 6.2
Criminal Minds - FBI-tutkijat Finland
Dau Tri Toi Pham Vietnam
Diavolika myala (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) Greece
Esprits criminels France
Gyilkos elmék Hungary
Kriminális elmék Hungary
Kurjuse kannul Estonia
Mentes criminales Spain
Mentes Criminosas Portugal
Mentes Criminosas Brazil
Minti criminale Romania
Myslenky zlocince Czech Republic
Nusikalstami protai Lithuania
Quantico (working title) USA
Zabójcze umysly Poland
Zločinački umovi Croatia
Zločinački umovi Serbia
Zlocinski um Slovenia
Мыслить как преступник Russia
Престъпни намерения (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria

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Children's Cast:

Elle Fanning [8] Tracy Belle (TV Episode: The Boogeyman) (2006)
David Mazouz [10] Ryan Hall / Ryan (TV Episode: Self Fulfilling Prophecy) (2011)
Alexander Gould [13] Jeremy (TV Episode: Seven Seconds) (2007)
Chandler Canterbury [9] David Smith (TV Episode: In Name and Blood) (2007)
Jenna Boyd [15] Jessica Evanson (TV Episode: Minimal Loss) (2008)
Slade Pearce [14] The Kid (TV Episode: Bloodline) (2009)
Andrew Astor [8] Young Spencer Reid (TV Episode: The Instincts) (2008)
Morgan Lily [10] Jody Hatchett (TV Episode: Solitary Man) (2010)
Paul Butcher [15] Jeffrey Barton (TV Episode: Faceless, Nameless) (2009)
Daryl Sabara [14] Kevin (TV Episode: P911) (2006)
Ariel Winter [9] Katie (TV Episode: Seven Seconds) (2007)
Aria Wallace [9] Emily (TV Episode: Won't Get Fooled Again) (2005)
Remy Thorne [12] Young Reid (TV Episode: Revelations) (2007)
Preston Bailey [6] Eric (TV Episode: The Boogeyman) (2006)
Hannah Marks [13] Dalia Nadir (TV Episode: Secrets and Lies) (2006)
Gattlin Griffith Robert Brooks (TV Episode: Into the Woods) (2010)
Michael Len [9] Peter / Dustin Powers (TV Episode: P911) (2006)
Tyree Brown [12] Derek Morgan Age 10 (TV Episode: Derek) (2016)
Mason Cook [11] Bobby Smith (TV Episode: From Childhood's Hour) (2011)
Caitlin Carmichael [5] Kylie Carpenter / Louisa Bonner (TV Episode: Roadkill) (2009)
Maxim Knight [11] Carter (TV Episode: Our Darkest Hour) (2010)
Aaron Berger Birthday Boy (TV Episode: Hanley Waters) (2011)
Sydney Sweeney Dani Forester (TV Episode: Outfoxed) (2009)
Jackson Robert Scott [7] Cole Vasquez (TV Episode: Outlaw) (2015)
Anton Yelchin [17] Nathan Harris (TV Episode: Sex, Birth, Death) (2006)
Jake Cherry [13] Stanley Wolcott (TV Episode: The Big Wheel) (2009)
Jordan Garrett [15] Paul Cutler (TV Episode: Ashes and Dust) (2007)
Adair Tishler [13] Cate Hale (TV Episode: Bloodline) (2009)
Colton Shires [9] Sam Crawford (TV Episode: The Fox) (2005)
Sophi Bairley [19] Sera Morrison (TV Episode: All That Remains) (2013)
Jessenia Quiroz Emma (TV Episode: The Boogeyman) (2006)
Chip Hormess [11] Jason Mitchell (TV Episode: The Last Word) (2006)
Brandon Killham [10] Young Howard (TV Episode: Scared to Death) (2007)
Melody Hollis [9] Jessica Howard (TV Episode: Scared to Death) (2007)
Kesun Loder [14] Young Tobias (TV Episode: The Big Game) (2007)
Sam Cohen [10] Paul Downey (TV Episode: Outfoxed) (2009)
Garrett Ryan [8] Hayden (TV Episode: Children of the Dark) (2007)
Samantha Bailey [7] Jenny Hill (TV Episode: Normal) (2008)
Caleb Guss Boy (TV Episode: Bloodline) (2009)
Christina Gabrielle Young Garcia (TV Episode: Penelope) (2007)
Cameron Monaghan [13] Jeffrey Charles (TV Episode: The Boogeyman) (2006)
Preston Strother [11] Sammy Bennett (TV Episode: Safe Haven) (2010)
Skyler Brigmann Sammy Sparks (TV Episode: Coda) (2011)
Dalton O'Dell Ted (TV Episode: Risky Business) (2010)
Parker Contreras Danny Ortiz (TV Episode: Children of the Dark) (2007)
Harley Graham [10] Heather Manning (TV Episode: The Thirteenth Step) (2011)
Madison Leisle [11] Heather Jacobs (TV Episode: What Happens at Home...) (2010)
Robert Thomas Preston [14] Henry (TV Episode: The Boogeyman) (2006)
Mackenzie Brooke Smith [9] Kiara (TV Episode: Reflection of Desire) (2010)
Owen Sholar [11] Young Roderick (TV Episode: Cold Comfort) (2009)
Dylan Sprayberry [10] Sam Cunningham (TV Episode: Brothers in Arms) (2008)
Jordan Van Vranken Jenny Shrader (TV Episode: Retaliation) (2009)
Jimmy Deshler [17] Teen Cy (TV Episode: Proof) (2011)
Benjamin Stockham [9] Young Call (TV Episode: Haunted) (2009)
Jackson Pace [13] Billy Henderson (TV Episode: Foundation) (2012)
Masam Holden [14] Tyler (TV Episode: Children of the Dark) (2007)
Sierra McCormick [12] Lynn Robillard (TV Episode: Bloodline) (2009)
Madison Davenport [17] Samantha Wilcox (TV Episode: Route 66) (2013)
Noah Matthews Matthew (TV Episode: The Boogeyman) (2006)
Jessie Usher [17] Daniel (TV Episode: To Hell... And Back) (2009)
Brighid Fleming [9] Jessica (TV Episode: Masterpiece) (2008)
Kendall Ryan Sanders [12] Danny Murphy (TV Episode: A Shade of Gray) (2009)
Braeden Lemasters [10] Eric Fisher (TV Episode: Poison) (2006)
Bryce Robinson [11] JD Hodges (TV Episode: Parasite) (2010)
Sterling Beaumon [15] Jeremy Sayer (TV Episode: Safe Haven) (2010)
Davis Cleveland [6] Ricky (TV Episode: Masterpiece) (2008)
Savannah Lathem Lucy Downey (TV Episode: Outfoxed) (2009)
Christa Beth Campbell Josie Zumwalt (TV Episode: The Sandman) (2016)
Riley Thomas Stewart [7] Michael (TV Episode: Cradle to Grave) (2009)
Bridger Zadina [15] Young Tommy (TV Episode: Haunted) (2009)
Emily Alyn Lind [8] Ana Brooks (TV Episode: Into the Woods) (2010)
Blake Bertrand Young Unsub (TV Episode: From Childhood's Hour) (2011)
Zayne Emory Ryan (TV Episode: Haunted) (2009)
Dylan Matzke [10] Nick Forester (TV Episode: Outfoxed) (2009)
Griffin Cleveland Son (TV Episode: Retaliation) (2009)
Robbie Tucker Kyle Murphy (TV Episode: A Shade of Gray) (2009)
Skylar Nevolo [15] Classmate #3 (TV Episode: Risky Business) (2010)
Joshua Rush [8] Ronny Downey (TV Episode: Outfoxed) (2009)
Skyler Gisondo [10] Boy #1 (TV Episode: What Fresh Hell?) (2006)
Jake Brennan Matt Small (TV Episode: The Lesson) (2012)
Dominique Grund [12] Stacy Young (TV Episode: Outfoxed) (2009)
Ava Acres Daughter (TV Episode: Devil's Night) (2010)
Zachary Haven Evan (TV Episode: With Friends Like These) (2011)
Nikki Hahn [8] Abby Sanderson (TV Episode: 25 to Life) (2010)
Dusan Brown [11] Anthony Ford (TV Episode: The Company) (2012)
Conrad Bluth Declan (TV Episode: It Takes a Village) (2011)
Gustavo Quiroz Jr. Jody Buccio (TV Episode: Lucky Strikes) (2017)
Sean Ryan Fox Young Cy (TV Episode: Proof) (2011)
Joey Luthman [16] Jake Preston (TV Episode: Gatekeeper) (2013)
Caroline Labrum Young Heather (TV Episode: Hope) (2011)
Ellery Sprayberry [8] Chelsea Robinson (TV Episode: Masterpiece) (2008)
Anson Bagley Joshua Parker (TV Episode: Boxed In) (2014)
Donis Leonard Jr. Tyler Harris (TV Episode: Restoration) (2013)
Brandon Hender Young Travis (TV Episode: There's No Place Like Home) (2011)
Brighton Sharbino [16] Chelsea Davis (TV Episode: The Tall Man) (2018)
Landon Gimenez [15] Jacob Wallace (TV Episode: Innocence) (2018)
HannaH Eisenmann Lexy Kerrigan (TV Episode: The Good Earth) (2012)
Stone Eisenmann Unsub's Brother / Young Flynn (TV Episode: Rabid) (2010)
Bianca D'Ambrosio [7] Kelly Tucker (TV Episode: The Silencer) (2012)
Hana Hayes Ally Dolan (TV Episode: Dorado Falls) (2011)
Marcus Eckert Young Daniel Milworth (TV Episode: The Caller) (2013)
Brice Fisher Bobby (TV Episode: Angels) (2014)
Steven Dady Son (TV Episode: The Edge of Winter) (2014)
Madeleine McGraw Naomi Shaw (TV Episode: Ashley) (2018)
Sunny Suljic Young Joe Bachner (TV Episode: The Edge of Winter) (2014)
Julia Butters Gabby Hoffer (TV Episode: Gabby) (2014)
Luke Judy [9] Young Cormac (TV Episode: Keeper) (2016)
Grant Venable Joshua Farraday (TV Episode: The Longest Night) (2010)
Britain Dalton Billy Hawkins (TV Episode: Boxed In) (2014)
Reid Miller Adam Morrissey (TV Episode: Devil's Backbone) (2016)
Shae Smolik Hannah Shines (TV Episode: Mirror Image) (2016)
Tony Espinosa Malcolm Landon (TV Episode: Taboo) (2016)
Christian Ganiere Mikey Capilano (TV Episode: The Capilanos) (2018)
Cody Sullivan 10 Year Old Ben (TV Episode: With Friends Like These) (2011)
Nicholas Sean Johnny Younger Carlos Garcia (TV Episode: All You Can Eat) (2018)
Alex Rubin Young John Henry Henson (TV Episode: Elliott's Pond) (2016)
Sophia Sluyter Sullivan Kid (TV Episode: Broken Wing) (2018)
Akira Akbar Daughter (TV Episode: Awake) (2015)
Chloe Csengery [10] Carrie Sayer (TV Episode: Safe Haven) (2010)
Abby Donnelly [14] Helen McGill (TV Episode: Devil's Backbone) (2016)
Tiffany Espensen [9] Samantha (TV Episode: Masterpiece) (2008)
Bryn Allen [11] Young Ashley (TV Episode: What Happens at Home...) (2010)
Isaiah Russell-Bailey Young Kevon Winters (TV Episode: Miasma) (2018)
Tate Birchmore Young Robert Boles (TV Episode: Future Perfect) (2015)
Jack McGraw Young Patrick Sorenson (TV Episode: The Sandman) (2016)
Connor Falk Young Jess Carney (TV Episode: Submerged) (2018)
Jaylin Ogle Roberto Morales (TV Episode: Sick Day) (2016)
Chase Brosamle Trevor Gaines (TV Episode: Full-Tilt Boogie) (2018)
Finn Carr Young Spencer Reid (TV Episode: Entropy) (2016)

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