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Studio 57 (TV series 1954-1958)

Heinz Studio 57 (USA)
Studio 57 (USA)
Whitehall Playhouse (Australia: syndication title)

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This dramatic-anthology series went into open syndication when the DuMont Television Network ceased operations. - IMDb

Estrellas de Hollywood Spain
Estrellas de Hollywood Venezuela
Heinz Studio 57 USA
Studio 57 West Germany
Studio 57 France
Studio 57 USA
Whitehall Playhouse (syndication title) Australia
Студия 57 Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Patty McCormack [12] (TV Episode: One of the Family) (1957)
Bobby Clark [11] Adam Soames (TV Episode: Secret Message) (1955)
Jerry Mathers [9] (TV Episode: It's a Small World) (1957)
Natalie Wood [16] Sheila Mason (TV Episode: The Plot Against Miss Pomeroy) (1954)
Christian Pasques [14] (TV Episode: The Regulators) (1956)
Mimi Gibson [9] Kathleen (TV Episode: The Mirror) (1957)
David Stollery [14] (TV Episode: Miss Jeremy and the Bran Serjin) (1955)
Michael Winkelman [9] Quincy (TV Episode: The Stalking Horse) (1955)
Jimmy Karath [14] Freddie Hines (TV Episode: My Baby Boy) (1956)
Butch Bernard [9] (TV Episode: Face of a Killer) (1957)
Brad Morrow [14] Jay Farr (TV Episode: My Baby Boy) (1956)
Robert Eyer [10] (TV Episode: Robin) (1958)
Dennis Holmes [7] (TV Episode: A Little Care) (1957)
Gary Hunley [7] (TV Episode: Santa's Old Suit) (1955)
Tom Nolan [9] (TV Episode: Face of a Killer) (1957)
Sammy Ogg [16] David / Jamie (TV Episode: My Son Is Gone) (1955)
Linda Lowell [9] Jane (TV Episode: Christmas Every Day) (1954)
Beverly Washburn [12] Becky / Kim Breen / Janie Warner (TV Episode: Miss Jeremy and the Bran Serjin) (1955)
Dana Dillaway [8] (TV Episode: Emergency Call) (1958)
Richard Bellis [10] (TV Episode: The Magic Glass) (1956)
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