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The Fairly OddParents (TV series)

Fairly Odd Parents (USA: alternative spelling)
The Fairly Odd Parents (USA: alternative spelling)
Fairly OddParents (USA: alternative spelling)
The Fairly OddParents (USA)
The Fairy GodParents (USA)
Oh My! GodParents (USA)
Los padrinos mágicos (USA)

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Timmy Turner is a 10-year-old boy who wishes for a perfect life. Unfortunately, he has parents who work full time and often neglect him in favor of their own desires, and while they are out, he has an evil babysitter, Icky-with-a-V, who revels in tormenting him. By his side are his constant companions, his fairy godparents Cosmo (the idiot) and Wanda (the perfect straight-woman). Hilarity ensues as Timmy wishes himself into--and out of--all sorts of magical situations! - IMDb

Ailem Bir Acayip Turkey
Aita-Amabitxi Magikoak Spain
Al Waldan Al Sahryan Egypt
Boлшебные покровители Russia
Ciudaţii mei părinţi Romania
Cosmo & Wanda - Wenn Elfen helfen West Germany
Čudnovili roditelji Croatia
Due Fantagenitori Italy
Els padrins màgics Spain
Fairly Odd Parents Sweden
Fairly Odd Parents (alternative spelling) USA
The Fairly Odd Parents (alternative spelling) USA
Fairly OddParents Norway
Fairly OddParents (alternative spelling) USA
The Fairly OddParents Netherlands
The Fairly OddParents Philippines
The Fairly OddParents Singapore
The Fairly OddParents USA
The Fairly OddParents South Africa
The Fairly OddParents Australia
The Fairly OddParents Canada
The Fairly OddParents Canada
The Fairly OddParents Ecuador
The Fairly OddParents United Kingdom
The Fairly OddParents Israel
The Fairly OddParents India
The Fairly OddParents India
The Fairy GodParents USA
De Fantastiske fehoveder Denmark
Haldjaist ristivanemad Estonia
Kaxardakan c'noghnery' (transliterated title) Armenia
Keista šeimynėlė Lithuania
Kouzelní kmotříčci Czechoslovakia
Mes parrains sont magiques Switzerland
Mes parrains sont magiques France
Oh My! GodParents USA
Oops! Fairy Parents Japan
Oops! Fearî pearentsu (transliterated title) Japan
Oops!フェアリーペアレンツ Japan
Os Padrinhos Mágicos Brazil
Os Padrinhos Mágicos Portugal
Los padrinos mágicos Argentina
Los padrinos mágicos Chile
Los padrinos mágicos Spain
Los padrinos mágicos Mexico
Los padrinos mágicos Peru
Los padrinos mágicos USA
Prindër të cuditshëm Albania
Przygody Timmy'ego Poland
Tes désirs sont désordres Canada
Timmy ja haltijakummit Finland
Tündéri keresztszülők Hungary
Wróżkowie chrzestni Poland
Δύο φανταστικοί γονείς Greece
Дивакуваті родичі Ukraine
Кръстници вълшебници Bulgaria
Сиқырлы қамқоршылар Kazakhstan
Чудновили родитељи Serbia
ذا فيرلي أود بيرنتس United Arab Emirates
趣怪守護仙 Taiwan

Children's Cast:

Frankie Muniz [16] Chester McBadbat / Chester's Ancestor (TV Episode: Most Wanted Wish/This is Your Wish) (2001)
Gary LeRoi Gray [15] AJ / A.J. / Wrestler / ... (TV Episode: The Terrible Twosome/App Trap) (2002)