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Cheyenne (TV series 1955-1963)

Cheyenne (USA)

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After the Civil War, nomadic adventurer Cheyenne Bodie roamed the west looking for fights, women and bad guys to beat up. His job changed from episode to episode. - IMDb

Cheyenne Italy
Cheyenne USA
Cheyenne Australia
Cheyenne Canada
Cheyenne Canada
Cheyenne West Germany
Cheyenne Ecuador
Cheyenne Spain
Cheyenne United Kingdom
Cheyenne India
Шайенн Soviet Union
シャイアン Japan

Children's Cast:

Christopher Olsen [11] Kenny Powell (TV Episode: Incident at Indian Springs) (1957)
Ron Howard [6] Timmy (TV Episode: Counterfeit Gun) (1960)
Billy Chapin [12] Tommy Scott (TV Episode: Julesburg) (1955)
Roger Mobley [13] Billy Zachary / Gabe Morse (TV Episode: The Idol) (1962)
Kim Charney [13] Tully Grant / Kenny Carver (TV Episode: The Long Search) (1958)
Gregory Irvin [8] Ted Norris (TV Episode: Road to Three Graves) (1960)
Ronnie Dapo [10] Roy Barrington (TV Episode: One Way Ticket) (1962)
Kevin Brodie [9] Bart Ainslie (TV Episode: Retaliation) (1961)
Ahna Capri [17] Mary Randall (TV Episode: Trouble Street) (1961)
Paul Engle [8] Buddy Ellis (TV Episode: The Law Man) (1956)
Richard Bellis [14] Young Cheyenne (TV Episode: The Long Rope) (1960)
Gina Gillespie [7] Susie O'Neil (TV Episode: Noose at Noon) (1958)