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Matinee Theatre (TV series 1955-1958)

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1955 October, 31
60 minutes
Drama / Horror / Mystery / Romance

A daily anthology show, featuring orginal material, as well as adaptations of literary classics. - IMDb

Matinee Theater  
Дневной спектакль Russia

Children's Cast:

Patty McCormack [12] Lucy Smith (TV Episode: We Won't Be Any Trouble) (1957)
Johnny Crawford [10] Leo - Orphan Boy / Dickie Browning / Young Heathcliff / ... (TV Episode: The Cause) (1956)
Billy Chapin [12] (TV Episode: Elisha and the Long Knives) (1955)
Jerry Mathers [7] (TV Episode: Santa Is No Saint) (1955)
Sandy Descher [11] Maidy (TV Episode: Belong to Me) (1956)
Karen Sue Trent [9] (TV Episode: The Others) (1957)
Tim Hovey [13] (TV Episode: Wednesday's Child) (1958)
Lydia Reed [12] Ruthie (TV Episode: The Outing) (1956)
Michael Winkelman [9] Jonathan (TV Episode: One for the Road) (1955)
Richard Eyer [12] (TV Episode: The Hex) (1957)
Tommy Kirk [15] John Tucker / Walter (TV Episode: The Outing) (1956)
Butch Bernard [10] (TV Episode: Cave-In) (1958)
Peter J. Votrian [14] (TV Episode: Romney) (1956)
Robert Eyer [8] (TV Episode: The Serpent's Tooth) (1956)
Scotty Morrow [12] Teddy (TV Episode: The Road to Recovery) (1958)
Tom Nolan [10] (TV Episode: Cave-In) (1958)
Robert Hyatt [16] (TV Episode: The House on Wildwood Lane) (1955)
Louis Lettieri [12] Billy (TV Episode: Greybeards and Witches) (1956)
Jerry Hartleben [11] Tim (TV Episode: Journey into Darkness) (1957)
Sammy Ogg [16] Young Heathcliff (TV Episode: Wuthering Heights) (1955)
Beverly Washburn [13] (TV Episode: The Child and the Muse) (1956)
Reba Waters Young Cathy (TV Episode: Wuthering Heights) (1955)
Kathy Garver [10] Sally (TV Episode: See You on Sunday) (1955)

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