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Our Gang Follies of 1938

Hal Roach Follies (USA)
Our Gang Follies of 1938 (USA)

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1937 December, 18
21 minutes
Comedy / Family / Musical / Short
Production Company:
$ 58 815


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The gang is putting on a show with Alfalfa billed as "King of the Crooners." But Alfalfa abandons the show saying his crooning days are over, and that opera is his true calling. But after taking a nap and dreaming of a successful future in popular music, he changes his mind and joins the rest of the gang for the closing number. - IMDb

Hal Roach Follies USA
Our Gang Follies of 1938 USA
Проделки 1938 года Russia
Проделки 1938 года Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Philip Hurlic [9] Boy (unconfirmed, uncredited)
Bobs Watson [7] Boy (unconfirmed, uncredited)
George 'Spanky' McFarland [9] Spanky
Dickie Jones [10] Dickie, Curtain Operator
Norman Salling [8] Boy Sitting at Table
Jimmy Sommerville [14] Blonde Boy in Balcony
Robert Winkler [10] Boy Carrying Sign in Beginning
Cordell Hickman [5] Musician in Buckwheat's Band
Payne B. Johnson [7] Boy in Band
Darla Hood [6] Darla
Bill Cody Jr. [12] Waiter
Darwood Kaye [8] Boy
Clifford Severn [12] Waiter
Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer [10] Alfalfa
Billie 'Buckwheat' Thomas [6] Buckwheat
Patsy Currier [7] Girl Near Dickie
Paul Hilton [7] Boy Sitting at Table
Tommy McFarland [7] Tommy
Harold Switzer [12] Harold, Farm Boy
Joe Geil [10] Corky
Eugene 'Porky' Lee [4] Porky
Billy Mindy [6] Chauffeur
Gloria Browne [8] Tall Hula Girl
Dix Davis [11] Boy Sitting at Table
Tim Davis [9] Boy Sitting at Table
Henry 'Spike' Lee [9] Spike, Farm Boy
Priscilla Montgomery [8] Girl With 'T' on Sweater
Laura June Williams [6] Hula Girl on Right Side
John 'Uh huh' Collum [11] Kid at Club Spanky
Barry Downing [6] Boy in Balcony
Patsy May [3] Hatcheck Girl
Daniel Boone [8] Boy in Balcony
June Preston [8] Little blond curley girl
Betsy Gay [8] Blonde Girl Fan of Alfalfa
Georgie Jean LaRue [9] Girl in the Love Bug Act
Camille Williams [6] Girl With 'L' on Sweater
Charles Flickinger [8] Boy
Roger McGee [15] Waiter / Announcer
Tommy Ryan [14] Boy in Love Bug Singing Act
Jeanie Flickenger Girl
Frances Bowling [6] Girl With 'O' on Sweater
Tom Braunger [7] Kid
Billy Diamond [9] Boy Fan of Alfalfa
David Freeman [8] Conductor
Dorothy Heinrichs Girl Sitting at Table
Jackie Horner [5] Girl With '!' on Sweater
Don Hulbert [12] Boy Dancer
Gloria Hurst [6] Blonde Hula Girl
Sherrill Luke [9] Boy
Ada Lynn [11] Girl
Raymond Rayhill Powell [6] Boy Sitting at Table
Josephine Roberts [8] Girl (unconfirmed, uncredited)
Nora Rita Stein [5] Girl Wearing the Letter 'F' on Sweater
Helen Westcott [9] Girl With 'I' on Sweater
Rhoda Williams [7] Girl Sitting at Table
Kenneth Wilson [12] Boy (unconfirmed, uncredited)
Bobby Crockett [9] One of the Boy Wearing Kilt
Gloria Mackey [8] Alfalfa Fan Girl
Annie Ross [7] Loch Lomond Singer
Leona McDowell [7]