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Shazam! (TV series 1974-1977)

Shazam! (USA)

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1974 September, 7
30 minutes
Action / Family / Fantasy / Sci-Fi
Production Company:

Billy Batson is a boy with a special duty in life. Accompanied by his Mentor, he travels from place to place in a Winnebago learning about life and helping people along the way. When the situation is heading for disaster, all he has to do is to yell the magic word, SHAZAM! and call down the magic lightning that transforms him into the World's Mightiest Mortal, Captain Marvel. - IMDb

Shazam - Pustolovine Kapetana Marvela Serbia
Shazam! India
Shazam! Italy
Shazam! Japan
Shazam! Philippines
Shazam! Singapore
Shazam! USA
Shazam! Australia
Shazam! Brazil
Shazam! Canada
Shazam! Canada
Shazam! West Germany
Shazam! Ecuador
Shazam! France
Shazam! United Kingdom
Шазам! Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Kerry MacLane [16] Chuck Wagner (TV Episode: The Joyriders) (1974)
Jackie Earle Haley [13] Norm Briggs (TV Episode: The Delinquent) (1974)
Pamelyn Ferdin [15] Lynn Colby (TV Episode: Thou Shalt Not Kill) (1974)
Lance Kerwin [14] Chad Martin (TV Episode: The Brothers) (1974)
Patrick Labyorteaux [11] Bill Sherwood (TV Episode: Ripcord) (1976)
Radames Pera [15] Rafael (TV Episode: Fool's Gold) (1975)
Mark Edward Hall Howard (TV Episode: Little Boy Lost) (1974)
Danny Bonaduce [16] Paul (TV Episode: Speak No Evil) (1975)
Gary Dubin [15] Mitch (TV Episode: The Braggart) (1974)
Eric Shea [15] Corky (TV Episode: On Winning) (1975)
Steve Benedict Don Haley (TV Episode: The Odd Couple) (1975)
Scott Garrett [15] Jerry (TV Episode: The Braggart) (1974)
Michael LeClair Jimmy (TV Episode: Fool's Gold) (1975)
Cindy Eilbacher [17] Susie Walsh (TV Episode: The Odd Couple) (1975)