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Weeds (TV series 2005-2012)

Weeds (United Kingdom)

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2005 August, 7
30 minutes
Comedy / Crime / Drama
$ 3 000 000


After her husband's unexpected death and subsequent financial woes, suburban mom Nancy Botwin (Parker) embraces a new profession: the neighborhood pot dealer. As it seems like everyone secretly wants what she's selling -- even city councilman Doug Wilson (Nealon) -- Nancy is faced with keeping her family life in check and her enterprise a secret from her neighbor/pseudo-friend/PTA president, Celia Hodes (Perkins). - IMDb

Erva Portugal
Ierburi (informal literal title) Romania
Nancy ül a fûben Hungary
Nancy ül a fűben Hungary
Spangli (new syndication title) Hungary
La traficante Argentina
Trava Croatia
Tráva Czechoslovakia
Trawka Poland
Weeds Spain
Weeds Finland
Weeds France
Weeds United Kingdom
Weeds Hong Kong
Weeds Indonesia
Weeds Israel
Weeds India
Weeds India
Weeds Italy
Weeds United Arab Emirates
Weeds Mexico
Weeds Netherlands
Weeds Philippines
Weeds Sweden
Weeds Singapore
Weeds Thailand
Weeds Turkey
Weeds USA
Weeds South Africa
Weeds (cable TV title) Argentina
Weeds Australia
Weeds Brazil
Weeds Canada
Weeds Canada
Weeds Ecuador
Weeds Egypt
Weeds - Kleine Deals unter Nachbarn West Germany
Weeds ママの秘密 Japan
Weeds: Douleies me... fountes (transliterated title) Greece
Žolė Lithuania
Дурман Russia
Косяки Ukraine
Трава Serbia
Трева Bulgaria
單身毒媽 Taiwan
위즈 South Korea

Children's Cast:

Alexander Gould [11] Shane Botwin (TV Episode: It's Time, Part 2) (2005)
Daryl Sabara [13] Tim Scottson (TV Episode: It's Time, Part 1) (2005)
Kay Panabaker [17] Amelia (TV Episode: He Taught Me How to Drive By) (2007)
Devon Gearhart [10] Billy - Kid (TV Episode: Good Shit Lollipop) (2005)
Hannah Marks [15] Harmony (TV Episode: Suck 'n' Spit) (2008)
Forrest Landis [11] Max (TV Episode: Higher Education) (2005)
Adam Taylor Gordon [12] Devon Rensler (TV Episode: You Can't Miss the Bear) (2005)
Samantha Bailey [9] Eager Kid (TV Episode: To Moscow, and Quickly) (2010)
Aaron Zachary Philips [10] Jonah (TV Episode: Unfreeze) (2012)
Alex Zubarev Dylan (TV Episode: Pinwheels and Whirligigs) (2010)
Brighid Fleming [13] Abracadebra (TV Episode: See Blue and Smell Cheese and Die) (2012)
Cole Petersen [15] Kevin (TV Episode: He Taught Me How to Drive By) (2007)
Catherine Chan [13] China (TV Episode: It's Time, Part 1) (2012)
Gabriel Aslan Jewish Student (TV Episode: Unfreeze) (2012)
Ava Acres Jessie (TV Episode: Fran Tarkenton) (2010)
Gavin Kent [6] Stevie (TV Episode: Five Miles From Yetzer Hara) (2011)
Ethan Kent Stevie (TV Episode: Five Miles From Yetzer Hara) (2011)
Joey Luthman [11] Rad Ferris (TV Episode: Mother Thinks the Birds Are After Her) (2008)
Cole Jensen Mini Salty (TV Episode: To Moscow, and Quickly) (2010)
Jayden Gomez Little Girl (TV Episode: God Willing and the Creek Don't Rise) (2012)
August Maturo [5] Kyle (TV Episode: Allosaurus Crush Castle) (2012)
Amanda Pace [9] Taylor / Shayla
Rachel Pace [9] Shayla / Taylor
Cody Klop [13] No Way (TV Episode: A.K.A The Plant) (2006)
Ariela Barer [11] Scout (TV Episode: Perro Insano) (2009)
Ian Donovan Hyland [16] Billy (TV Episode: Qualitative Spatial Reasoning) (2011)