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Ed (TV series 2000-2004)

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Ed Stevens is a contracts lawyer at a high-profile New York City firm. Around the same time he splits with his wife (she slept with a mailman), he makes a single error in punctuation when going over a contract; and because of the resulting financial loss to the firm, he's fired. Despondent, he heads back to his (small) hometown of Stuckeyville -- 'Anytown', USA. There he realises he's been missed by a lot of friends whom he's missed; and he sees Carol, the girl he'd adored in high school. Swept up in roiling emotions, Ed buys the local bowling alley on a whim, moves to Stuckeyville, and determines to win Carol's heart. His horizons broaden as he settles once more in Stuckeyville, and the series itself settles into a charming, funny, often serious slice-of-life series focused not solely on Ed but on the lovable ensemble cast of people who live and work with him in Stuckeyville. - IMDb

Ed - Der Bowling-Anwalt Germany
Эд Russia

Children's Cast:

Josh Flitter [10] Little Tommy (TV Episode: Back in the Saddle) (2004)
Lydia Jordan Joanne Ofano (TV Episode: Captain Lucidity) (2003)
Jason Fuchs [17] Wesley Stout (TV Episode: Frankie) (2003)
Harrison Chad [10] Ryan Parker (TV Episode: Youth Bandits) (2002)
Adam Wylie [17] David Mirsky (TV Episode: Prom Night) (2001)
Anthony Ferriso Partygoer / Kid / Soccer Boy / ... (TV Episode: Changes) (2001)
Loren Ferriso Kid at Carnival / Partygoer / Local Kid / ... (TV Episode: Changes) (2001)
Dajon Matthews Young Taye Diggs (TV Episode: Captain Lucidity) (2003)
Will Denton Glenn (TV Episode: Captain Lucidity) (2003)

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