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The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (TV series 2005-2008)

The Suite Life (USA: working title)
TSL (USA: informal short title)

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Rating:  5.0/10  Votes:  ( 3 )    IMDb

2005 March, 18
30 minutes
Comedy / Family


Zack and Cody Martin are 14-year-olds whose lives change when their single mom gets a job as the headlining singer at Boston's swankiest hotel and, as part of her contract, an upper floor suite in which they all now live. Maddie Fitzpatrick is the hotel's teenage gift shop clerk and part-time babysitter who foils the twins' antics; London Tipton is the hotel owner's spoiled daughter; Carey Martin is the twin's mother and Mr. Moseby the hotel manager. While mom works to keep them in line, the twins are elated with the amenities of their new home, especially room service, a swimming pool, a game room and a candy counter. Then the hotel's teenage gift shop clerk Maddie steps in as part-time babysitter and foil to the twins' pranks. To the chagrin of the hotel manager, Mr. Moseby, they try to turn the hotel into their playground, and along the way make friends and foe with the disparate staff, guests and residents including the owner's spoiled daughter London. - IMDb

Благодаря тому, что их мама поет в дорогом отеле, близнецы Зак и Коди живут в роскошных апартаментах. Но из-за своего неуемного характера и богатой фантазии мальчишки постоянно попадают в различные недоразумения и ставят «на уши» весь отель. Никакие угрозы и строгие меры не могут удержать сорванцов Зака и Коди от новых проделок и выдумок!

Rating Percentage % Votes
Arithmetic mean = 5.0
Hotel Doce Hotel - As Aventuras de Zack e Cody Portugal
Hotel dulce hotel: Las aventuras de Zack y Cody Spain
Hotel Zack & Cody Germany
Het hotelleven van Zack en Cody (dubbed version) Netherlands
Las Aventuras de Zack y Cody (alternative transliteration) Venezuela
Nie ma to jak hotel Poland
Suite Life (English title) Japan
The Suite Life (working title) USA
TSL (informal short title) USA
Ugodni život Zeka i Kodija Serbia
A Vida Legal de Zack & Cody (subtitle) Brazil
La vie de palace de Zack et Cody (French title) Canada
La vie de Palace de Zack et Cody France
Zack & Cody: Gêmeos em Ação Brazil
Zack & Codys ljuva hotelliv Sweden
Zack e Cody al Grand Hotel Italy
Zack és Cody élete Hungary
Zack kai Cody, skandalies sto xenodoheio (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) Greece
Zack ve Cody'nin lüks yasami (Turkish title) Turkey
Zackin ja Codyn viiden tähden elämää Finland
Всё тип-топ, или Жизнь Зака и Коди Russia
Все тип-топ, или Жизнь Зака и Коди Russia

Children's Cast:

Cole Sprouse [13] Cody Martin / Cody / Hot Peepers' Helper 2 (TV Episode: Mr. Tipton Comes to Visit) (2005)
Joey King [7] Emily (TV Episode: Day Care) (2006)
Mike Weinberg [13] Theo Cavenaugh (TV Episode: Kept Man) (2006)
Ryan Newman [9] Camper Girl (TV Episode: Graduation) (2007)
Dylan Sprouse [13] Zack Martin / Zack / Hot Peepers' Helper 1 (TV Episode: Mr. Tipton Comes to Visit) (2005)
Kay Panabaker [17] Amber (TV Episode: First Day of High School) (2007)
Alyson Stoner [12] Max (TV Episode: Club Twin) (2005)
Sammi Hanratty [11] Holly (TV Episode: Have a Nice Trip) (2006)
Brenda Song [17] London Tipton / London's Great Grandmother (TV Episode: Mr. Tipton Comes to Visit) (2005)
Jaden Smith [10] Travis (TV Episode: Romancing the Phone) (2008)
Selena Gomez [14] Gwen (TV Episode: A Midsummer's Nightmare) (2006)
Cody Arens [13] Liam Fitzpatrick (TV Episode: Not So Suite 16) (2006)
Max Burkholder [9] Billy (TV Episode: Books and Birdhouses) (2006)
Miley Cyrus [14] Hannah Montana (TV Episode: That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana) (2006)
Gage Golightly [13] Vanessa (TV Episode: A Midsummer's Nightmare) (2006)
Charlie Stewart [12] Bob (TV Episode: First Day of High School) (2005)
Bridger Palmer [9] Hollywood Cody (TV Episode: The Suite Life Goes Hollywood: Part 1) (2007)
Logan Grove Johnny (TV Episode: Day Care) (2006)
Troy Gentile [13] Jeremy (TV Episode: Odd Couples) (2006)
Denzel Whitaker [17] Trent (TV Episode: Back in the Game) (2007)
Jamie Morton [12] Cody Martin (voice) (TV Episode: Hotel Hangout) (2005)
Lily Fender Kid (TV Episode: Nugget of History) (2007)
Moises Arias [12] Randall (TV Episode: Day Care) (2006)
Dustin Ingram [17] Customer (TV Episode: Nugget of History) (2007)
Adam Cagley [16] Brick (TV Episode: Summer of Our Discontent) (2007)
Skyler Samuels [11] Brianna (TV Episode: The Fairest of Them All) (2005)
Alexa Nikolas [15] Tiffany (TV Episode: Miniature Golf) (2007)
Victoria Justice [12] Rebecca (TV Episode: The Fairest of Them All) (2005)
Jaelin Palmer Leah (TV Episode: Who's the Boss?) (2007)
Jordan Green Oven (TV Episode: Risk It All) (2007)
Rachel Thorp [14] Cassandra (TV Episode: A Tale of Two Houses) (2007)
Hannah Leigh Amy (TV Episode: Who's the Boss?) (2007)
Nathan Kress [15] Jamie (TV Episode: Back in the Game) (2007)
Cierra Ramirez [12] Jasmine (TV Episode: Graduation) (2007)
Paige Hurd [13] Tiffany (TV Episode: The Fairest of Them All) (2005)
Brecken Palmer Hollywood Zack (TV Episode: The Suite Life Goes Hollywood: Part 1) (2007)
Matt Angel [17] Vance (TV Episode: First Day of High School) (2007)
Sophie Oda [14] Barbara Brownstein
Nicki Prian [14] Darlene (TV Episode: Ask Zack) (2006)

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