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Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction (TV series)

Beyond Belief (USA: short title)
Strange Truth: Fact or Fiction (USA: working title)

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Within the course of one hour 5 stories are shown. None of these stories have any logical explanation, and some of them actually occurred. You are left to decide which of these stories, if any are fact, and which are fiction. - IMDb

Beyond Belief (short title) USA
Rejtélyes igazságok Hungary
Strange Truth: Fact or Fiction (working title) USA
Verte neverte (alternative title) Czech Republic
X-Factor Germany
X-Factor: Das Unfassbare Germany
Вне веры: Правда или ложь Russia

Children's Cast:

Bethany Richards [16] Wendy Baker (TV Episode: For the Record/Halloween/Precious/Get Your Kicks at Motel 66/Phantom Drifter) (1999)
Cody McMains [17] Darren (TV Episode: The Bloody Hand) (2002)
Courtland Mead [11] Randy (TV Episode: The Woods) (1998)
Jordan Warkol [11] Danny / Danny (TV Episode: The Viewing/The Subway/Kid in the Closet/Justice is Served/The Tractor) (1997) (segment: Kid in the Closet)
Kelsey Mulrooney [12] Callie (TV Episode: E-Mail II/Blood Donor/Epitaph/Stiches in Time/Soldier) (1999)
Sara Paxton [12] Girl (TV Episode: The Wailing) (2000)
Zack Duhame [10] (TV Episode: Wheezer) (1997)
Calum Worthy [11] Randy (TV Episode: The Mystery of Douglas Hibbard/Wheelchair Man/The Vigil/The Mandarin's Bowl/Ghost Writer) (2002)
Kirsten Prout [12] Katie (TV Episode: The Doll) (2002)
Brian McLaughlin (TV Episode: Scribbles) (1998)
Adam Wylie [14] Anthony Shaw (TV Episode: The Wall/The Chalkboard/The Getaway/The Prescription/Summer Camp) (1998)
Colton James [10] Billy (TV Episode: The Red Eyed Creature) (1998)
Sam Gifaldi [14] Stevie Hansen (TV Episode: Firestation 32/The Computer/The Girl Next Door/The Wallet/The Woods) (1998)
Jameson Baltes (TV Episode: E-Mail/Cup of Joe/Secret of the Family Tomb/Wheezer/The Unknown Patient) (1997) (segment: Wheezer)
Danielle Keaton [12] Luisa (TV Episode: Bon Voyage/Man in the Model T/The Scoop/Angel on Board/Buenos Dias) (1998)
Brittany Alyse Smith [12] Alice (segment: Imaginary Friend) (TV Episode: The Prophecy/Couch Potato/Love over the Counter/Imaginary Friend/Last Man on Earth) (1997)
Kyley Statham [15] Heather (TV Episode: Witness to Murder/Roulette Wheel/The Phrenologist's Head/The Bridge/The Cigar Box) (2002)
Aldis Hodge [12] (TV Episode: The Wall/The Chalkboard/The Getaway/The Prescription/Summer Camp) (1998)

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