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Armchair Mystery Theatre (TV series)

Armchair Mystery Theatre (United Kingdom)

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First episode of new series called "Armchair Mystery Theatre", set in a Cornish fishing village, peopled with sinister local rustic types. A "Wicker Man" atmosphere to the story, without quite making the occult connection. The male lead (Houston) is a successful businessman taking a well earned holiday with his wife (Lana Morris). The tension builds and the couple's situation in the village becomes ever more threatened, culminating in the apparent abduction of Houston - with his wrist watch remaining in the hands of the main village protagonist. There the story ends, with Lana very much in peril. 'There's nothing to be frightened of..nothing to worry about at all'. - IMDb

Armchair Mystery Theatre United Kingdom

Children's Cast:

John Pike [15] Boy (TV Episode: The Dummy) (1960)