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Amen (TV series)

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Deacon Frye, head of the First Community Church of Philadelphia, is trying to keep everything in his church firmly under control. His new assistant, Rev. Reuben Gregory, however, has some very different ideas of how do things. The parishoners, seeing that the best path probably lies between the two, play the two squabbling men off each other to keep things on a more or less even keel. Adding to the fray is the Deacon's daughter Thelma, who gradually becomes attracted to the new Reverend. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Thora Birch [9] Brittany (TV Episode: Nothing Says Lovin'...) (1991)
Michael Oliver [9] Max (TV Episode: Child's Play) (1990)
Darius McCrary [11] Darius Hughes (TV Episode: The Twelve Songs of Christmas) (1987)
Hakeem Abdul-Samad [12] Darryl / Boy Scout #3 / Choir member / ... (TV Episode: Betting on the Boy) (1987)
Bumper Robinson [16] Clarence (TV Episode: Deliverance: Part 2) (1990)

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