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The Virginian (TV series)

The Men from Shiloh (USA: ninth season title)
The Virginian (USA)

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1962 September, 19
75 minutes


The Shiloh Ranch in Wyoming Territory of the 1890s is owned in sequence by Judge Garth, the Grainger brothers, and Col. MacKenzie. It is the setting for a variety of stories, many more based on character and relationships than the usual western. - IMDb

Los hombres de Shiloh (seventh season title) Spain
Los invencibles Mexico
Die Leute von der Shiloh Ranch West Germany
Die Leute von der Shiloh Ranch West Germany
En man från Virginia (first episode title) Sweden
Mannen från Virginia (pre-release title) Sweden
The Men from Shiloh (ninth season title) USA
O Homem de Virgínia Brazil
Virginialainen Finland
The Virginian Sweden
The Virginian Singapore
The Virginian USA
The Virginian South Africa
The Virginian United Arab Emirates
The Virginian Australia
The Virginian Canada
The Virginian Canada
The Virginian Ecuador
The Virginian United Kingdom
The Virginian South Korea
The Virginian Netherlands
El Virginiano Argentina
El Virginiano Spain
El Virginiano Venezuela
Il virginiano Italy
Le virginien France
Виргинцы Soviet Union
バージニアン Japan

Children's Cast:

Johnny Whitaker [10] Hoot Callahan (TV Episode: The Runaway) (1969)
Bill Mumy [11] Willy (TV Episode: Old Cowboy) (1965)
Lisa Gerritsen [13] Hannah Carson (TV Episode: Hannah) (1970)
Rory Stevens [11] Timothy Clinchy (TV Episode: The Laramie Road) (1965)
Kerry MacLane [9] Jim McRae (TV Episode: Sue Ann) (1967)
Brian Nash [11] Brian Hiller (TV Episode: Star Crossed) (1967)
Mitch Vogel [12] Boy (TV Episode: The Storm Gate) (1968)
Kurt Russell [13] Andy Denning / Toby Shea (TV Episode: A Father for Toby) (1964)
Kevin Tate [11] Clayton Landeen / Young Boy (TV Episode: Ring of Silence) (1965)
Jennie Lynn [12] Tessie Mapes (TV Episode: Felicity's Spring) (1964)
Jean-Michel Michenaud [13] Wolf Cloud (TV Episode: A Woman of Stone) (1969)
Roger Mobley [13] Homer Tatum (TV Episode: Throw a Long Rope) (1962)
Clint Howard [7] Will / Tommy / Manuel (TV Episode: Ride a Cock-Horse to Laramie Cross) (1966)
Michel Petit Pudge (TV Episode: A Father for Toby) (1964)
Dennis Holmes [14] Tim Anders (TV Episode: Another's Footsteps) (1964)
Tony Maxwell [10] Boy (TV Episode: The Executioners) (1962)
Michael Flatley [12] Mike (TV Episode: A Father for Toby) (1964)
Greger Vigen [9] Jake (TV Episode: The Small Parade) (1963)
Michael Shea [15] Jamie Adams (TV Episode: Bitter Harvest) (1967)
Teddy Quinn [8] Tommy (TV Episode: The Lady from Wichita) (1967)
Byron Berry [16] Elber Kiley (TV Episode: Ride to Delphi) (1966)
Myron Berry [16] Jethro Kiley (TV Episode: Ride to Delphi) (1966)
Kimberly Beck [10] Laura Tedler (TV Episode: The Return of Golden Tom) (1966)
Joey Russo [10] Yanko Karas / Tall Tree (TV Episode: The Small Parade) (1963)
Vicki Malkin [9] Amy / Sophie Karas (TV Episode: The Dream of Stavros Karas) (1965)
Nicolas Beauvy [10] Ben Kinkaid / Young Trampas (TV Episode: The Death Wagon) (1968)
Christine Matchett [7] Mary (TV Episode: Felicity's Spring) (1964)
Craig Huxley [11] Johnny McLain / Kenny Beesom (TV Episode: A Little Learning) (1965)
Joey Scott [10] Grover (TV Episode: Brother Thaddeus) (1963)
Gil Rogers [14] Young Boy (TV Episode: No Tears for Savannah) (1963)
Pat Michenaud [15] Arnaud (TV Episode: The Wind of Outrage) (1968)
Robert Nunn 1st Boy (TV Episode: Star Crossed) (1967)