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Supergirl (TV series)

Supergirl (United Kingdom)

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The adventures of Superman's cousin in her own superhero career. - IMDb

Superdievča Slovakia
Supergirl France
Supergirl India
Supergirl Israel
Supergirl Italy
Supergirl Mexico
Supergirl Brazil
Supergirl Thailand
Supergirl South Africa
Supergirl Canada
Supergirl Indonesia
Supergirl Poland
Supergirl Singapore
Supergirl United Kingdom
Supergirl Philippines
Supergirl Netherlands
Supergirl Australia
Supergirl Hungary
Supergirl Egypt
Supergirl Spain
Supergirl United Arab Emirates
Supergirl Turkey
Supergirl Canada
Supergirl West Germany
Supergirl Ecuador
Supergirl USA
Supergirl India
Supergirl Sweden
SUPERGIRL/スーパーガール Japan
Σούπεργκερλ Greece
Супергёрл Russia
Супергърл Bulgaria
Супердівчина Ukraine
Супердевојка Bosnia
Супердевојка Serbia
女超人 (alternative spelling) Taiwan
女超人 Hong Kong
超女 China
超少女 Taiwan
슈퍼걸 South Korea

Children's Cast:

Levi Miller [13] Carter Grant (TV Episode: How Does She Do It?) (2015)
Mackenzie Brooke Smith [15] Female Student #1 (TV Episode: Manhunter) (2016)
Izabela Vidovic [16] Young Kara (TV Episode: Far from the Tree) (2017)
Daniel DiMaggio Kal-El (TV Episode: For the Girl Who Has Everything) (2016)
Malina Weissman [12] Young Kara Zor-El (TV Episode: Livewire) (2015)
Graham Verchere [16] George Lockwood (TV Episode: Man of Steel) (2018)
Anthony Bolognese Kid #1 (TV Episode: Stranger Beside Me) (2019)
Jett Klyne [9] Child (TV Episode: Parasite Lost) (2018)
Luke Roessler Boy (TV Episode: Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1) (2017)
Kitana Turnbull Costumed Girl (TV Episode: Falling) (2016)
Octavian Kaul [14] Luke (TV Episode: Damage) (2017)
Yuvraj Kalsi [11] Young Boy (TV Episode: Trinity) (2018)
Marlon Kazadi Young James (TV Episode: American Dreamer) (2019)
Lonnie Chavis Marcus (TV Episode: City of Lost Children) (2017)
Norah Debra Dobbyn Young Lena (TV Episode: Crime and Punishment) (2019)
Camille Marty Young Lena Luthor (TV Episode: Luthors) (2017)
Benjamin Goas Val (TV Episode: Dark Side of the Moon) (2018)
Pietra Castro Kid #1 (TV Episode: Reality Bytes) (2020)
Cole Michaels Little Boy (TV Episode: Myriad) (2016)