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The Amanda Show (TV series 1999-2002)

Amanda (USA: short title)
The Amanda Show (United Kingdom)

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30 minutes
Comedy / Family


The Amanda Show is another series that was spun off of "All That" for another of its breakout stars. It's a skit show with some of the characteristics of "All That" but with different characters. On this show there are characters such as Judge Trudy, a rip off of Judge Judy; Penelope Taynt, Amanda's #1 Fan (who is played by her); and others such as The Liberals. - IMDb

Amanda (short title) USA
The Amanda Show Mexico
The Amanda Show India
The Amanda Show South Africa
The Amanda Show Canada
The Amanda Show Canada
The Amanda Show Singapore
The Amanda Show United Kingdom
The Amanda Show Ecuador
The Amanda Show USA
The Amanda Show Philippines
The Amanda Show West Germany
The Amanda Show Italy
Moody's Point  
Szał na Amandę Poland
Шоу Аманды Russia
アマンダ・ショー Japan

Children's Cast:

Ashley Tisdale [15] Cold Curer (TV Episode: Vitamin C) (2000)
Camryn Walling [9] Regular Performer (TV Episode: 1.1) (1999)
Drake Bell [13] Regular Performer / Various / Regular Peformer (TV Episode: 2.28) (1999)
Jason Maves [16] Hot Guy (TV Episode: Crazy Courtney) (2000)
Josh Peck [15] Various / Regular Performer (TV Episode: Crime Fighting Cheerleaders) (2001)
Phillip Van Dyke [17] (TV Episode: 2.26) (2001)
Shawn Pyfrom [14] (TV Episode: Mammal-O's) (2000)
Travis Tedford [12] (TV Episode: Crazy Courtney) (2000)
Steffani Brass [7] Becky / Kelly (TV Episode: 1.6) (1999)
Steven Anthony Lawrence [9] Justin / Younger Brother (TV Episode: Egg Splat) (1999)
Bobby Edner [12] (TV Episode: 2.17) (2000)
Lauren Eckstrom [16] Megan (Crimefighting Cheerleader) (TV Episode: 2.22) (2000)
Kyle Sullivan [13] (TV Episode: 2.28) (2001)
Paige Wolfe (TV Episode: Episode #2.22) (2000)
Taylor Emerson [11] Preston Taynt (TV Episode: 1.11) (2000)
Josh Zuckerman [15] (TV Episode: Mammal-O's) (2000)
Michelle Horn [13] (TV Episode: 2.22) (2000)
A.J. Trauth [14] (TV Episode: Crazy Courtney) (2000)
Ashley Edner [11] Rebecca Fyoomay / Little Girl (TV Episode: 1.13) (2000)
Ben Diskin [17] Joey (TV Episode: 1.13) (1999)
Julius Ritter [12] Ernie Morton (TV Episode: 1.5) (1999)
Amanda Bynes [15] Host / Regular Performer / Various / ...
Kaitlin Cullum [14] (TV Episode: 2.22) (2000)
Zane Carney [14] Amanda's Date / Robert (TV Episode: 1.2) (1999)