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Lizzie McGuire (TV series 2001-2004)

Lizzie McGuire (United Kingdom)
What's Lizzie Thinking? (USA)

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2001 January, 12
30 minutes
Comedy / Drama / Family
Production Company:


A completely normal 13-year old girl, living a completely normal life. She goes to a completely normal school, with students, and her best friends, Miranda and David Gorden "Gordo". They help her in situations where she is stuck and needs help and depends on them. Her home life is completely stereotypical, with a Nuclear Family that consists of her gnome-loving dad, Sam; level-headed mom, Jo, and bratty brother, Matt. - IMDb

Lizzie & Lizzie Japan
Lizzie & Lizzie (literal English title) Japan
Lizzie McGuire Spain
Lizzie McGuire France
Lizzie McGuire United Kingdom
Lizzie McGuire Indonesia
Lizzie McGuire Ireland
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Lizzie McGuire India
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What's Lizzie Thinking? USA
Λίζι Μαγκουάιρ Greece
Ліззі Магуайр Ukraine
Лиззи Магуайр Russia
リジー&Lizzie Japan
莉琪的異想世界 Taiwan

Children's Cast:

Houston Mack [13] Student (TV Episode: Just Like Lizzie) (2002)
Carly Schroeder [11] Melina Bianco (TV Episode: Just One of the Guys) (2001)
John Lowell [12] Rip Kid (TV Episode: Best Dressed for Much Less) (2002)
Kyla Pratt [15] Brooke Baker (TV Episode: Gordo and the Girl) (2001)
Lalaine [14] Miranda Sanchez (TV Episode: Magic Train) (2001)
Paul Robert Langdon [13] Hollywood Biggs / Heywood Biggs (TV Episode: Sibling Bonds) (2001)
Sara Paxton [13] Holly (TV Episode: Election) (2001)
Sean Marquette [15] Adam Burton (TV Episode: Dear Lizzie) (2003)
Jake Thomas [11] Matt McGuire (TV Episode: Magic Train) (2001)
Joey Zimmerman [17] Soda Kid (TV Episode: Lizzie's Eleven) (2003)
Adam Lamberg [17] David 'Gordo' Gordon (TV Episode: Magic Train) (2001)
Orlando Brown [14] Travis Elliot (TV Episode: Random Acts of Miranda) (2001)
Kenneth Schmidt [16] Kid (TV Episode: Lizzie's Eleven) (2003)
Aaron Fors [12] Ed (TV Episode: Picture Day) (2001)
Aaron Carter [14] Aaron Carter (TV Episode: Aaron Carter's Coming to Town) (2001)
Matteo Crismani [12] Clark Benson (TV Episode: Those Freaky McGuires) (2002)
Hilary Duff [14] Lizzie McGuire (TV Episode: Magic Train) (2001)
Brendan Hill [14] Student (TV Episode: El Oro de Montezuma) (2002)
Kat Graham [13] Posse Member #2 (TV Episode: You're a Good Man, Lizzie McGuire) (2002)
Cory Hodges Student / Intense Kid / Protester (TV Episode: Election) (2001)
Andrew James Allen [14] Kid (TV Episode: Gordo and the Dwarves) (2001)
Kira D. Foltz Student (TV Episode: Election) (2001)
Evan Lee Dahl [14] Jackson Myers (TV Episode: In Miranda Lizzie Does Not Trust) (2002)
Timmy Fitzpatrick Kid (TV Episode: Best Dressed for Much Less) (2002)
Nicholas Edwin Barb [13] Reggie (TV Episode: First Kiss) (2002)
Raja Fenske [14] Li Tarak (TV Episode: El Oro de Montezuma) (2002)
Christian Copelin [11] Lanny Onasis
Haley Hudson [17] Clementine (TV Episode: Grubby Longjohn's Olde Tyme Revue) (2003)