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St. Elsewhere (TV series 1982-1988)

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1982 October, 26
60 minutes
Production Company:

This hour-long dramatic series featured life at St. Eligius Hospital, headed by Drs. Donald Westphall and Daniel Auschlander. Every year, new residents would walk down the halls of St. Eligius; learning to deal with perfectionist Cardiovascular Surgeon Mark Craig was only the beginning of the way the hospital and its interesting patients would change their lives forever. - IMDb

Chefarzt Dr. Westphall West Germany
Chefarzt Dr. Westphall Germany
A Cor obert (Catalan title) Spain
A Cuore aperto Italy
Historias do hospital (Gallegan title) Spain
Hôpital St. Elsewhere France
Hospital Spain
Egy Kórház magánélete Hungary
S.O.S. Urgências Portugal
Sairaalan syke Finland
Сент-Элсвер (Russian title) Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Wil Wheaton [14] Owen Drimmer (TV Episode: Nothing Up My Sleeve) (1986)
Taliesin Jaffe [7] Jimmy Hassett (TV Episode: Fade to White) (1984)
Brandon Call [10] Christopher McFadden (TV Episode: When You Wish Upon a Scar) (1986)
Sydney Penny [12] Melissa Greely (TV Episode: AIDS & Comfort) (1983)
Jeremy Licht [11] Robbie Durant (TV Episode: Samuels and the Kid) (1982)
Chad Allen [9] Tommy Westphall (TV Episode: The Last One) (1983)
Andrea Barber [9] Carrie Garman (TV Episode: Remembrance of Things Past) (1985)
Cady McClain [14] Erin Scheinfeld / Erin Rosenthal (TV Episode: Brothers) (1983)
Candace Cameron Bure [6] Megan White (TV Episode: Legionnaires: Part 1) (1982)
Cory 'Bumper' Yothers [11] Joe Dempsey (TV Episode: A Wing and a Prayer) (1983)
David Faustino [10] Boy (TV Episode: Two Balls and a Strike) (1984)
David Friedman [13] Terence O'Casey, Age 10 (TV Episode: Time Heals: Part 2) (1986)
Thomas Wilson Brown [15] Elvis (TV Episode: Rites of Passage) (1987)
Ian Giatti [10] Ryan (TV Episode: Rites of Passage) (1987)
Jason Bateman [17] Tim Moynihan (TV Episode: You Beta Your Life) (1986)
Melissa Francis [14] Cynthia (TV Episode: Family Affair) (1986)
R.J. Williams [8] Tim Perry (TV Episode: Out on a Limb) (1986)
K.C. Martel [16] Vinnie (TV Episode: Entrapment) (1983)
Joshua Harris [8] Donnie Westphall, Age 6 (TV Episode: Time Heals: Part 2) (1986)
Andre Gower [11] Tucker (TV Episode: Blizzard) (1984)
Jerry Supiran [11] Matthew Auschlander (TV Episode: Fade to White) (1984)
Judith Barsi [10] Debbie Oppenheimer (TV Episode: The Abby Singer Show) (1988)
Aaron Lohr [9] Boy (TV Episode: Cheers) (1985)
Damon Hines Thad (TV Episode: Attack) (1984)
Michelle Walker Stephanie Whitehill (TV Episode: Down's Syndrome) (1982)
Ian Fried [10] Jeff Rosenthal
Melanie Gaffin [13] Lizzie Westphall (TV Episode: Time Heals: Part 1) (1986)
Jessica Puscas [8] Kathleen Moynihan (TV Episode: You Beta Your Life) (1986)
David Glasser [14] Josh Green / Boy (TV Episode: Cheers) (1985)
Jaclyn Bernstein [7] Betty (TV Episode: Cheers) (1985)
Priscilla Weems [14] Sarah O'Casey (TV Episode: Time Heals: Part 2) (1986)