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CSI: NY (TV series 2004-2013)


Aka: CSI: New York (USA: alternative spelling)
Director: Rob Bailey, Alex Zakrzewski, Christine Moore ... more
Year: 2004
Country: USA
Runtime: 43 minutes
Genre: Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
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CSI Head Detective Mac Taylor and his team solve crimes in New York City. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Elle Fanning [6] Jenny Como (TV Episode: Officer Blue) (2004)
Bailee Madison [8] Rose Duncan (TV Episode: Boo) (2007)
Tanner Maguire [12] Boy (TV Episode: Unfriendly Chat) (2010)
Sammi Hanratty [11] Emma Mathews (TV Episode: Fare Game) (2006)
Aria Wallace [9] Emily Dickerson (TV Episode: Grand Murder at Central Station) (2005)
Devin Brochu James Walker (TV Episode: Corporate Warriors) (2005)
Carter Jenkins [14] Will Galanis (TV Episode: Tri-Borough) (2005)
Hayden McFarland [13] Kid (TV Episode: The Closer) (2005)
Max Burkholder [9] Sam (TV Episode: Necrophilia Americana) (2006)
Erica Jones [8] Moore's Daughter (TV Episode: Bad Beat) (2005)
Colton Shires [16] Jordan Parr (TV Episode: 2,918 Miles) (2012)
Ramya Pratt [12] Nina Robertson (TV Episode: Corporate Warriors) (2005)
Aaron Refvem [13] Sam Harris (TV Episode: Unusual Suspects) (2010)
Trenton Rogers [6] Four-Year Old Clark (TV Episode: Super Men) (2006)
Garrett Ryan [8] Young Drew Bedford (TV Episode: The Thing About Heroes...) (2007)
Skye Arens [8] Sam (TV Episode: Child's Play) (2007)
Zachary Sauers [13] Kid (TV Episode: Obsession) (2007)
Shailene Woodley [16] Evie Pierpont (TV Episode: A Daze of Wine and Roaches) (2007)
Jadin Gould [14] Young Lindsay (TV Episode: Late Admissions) (2012)
Benjamin Stockham [10] Young Tom Reynolds (TV Episode: Hide Sight) (2010)
Madison Davenport [9] Abby Drake (TV Episode: City of the Dolls) (2005)
Austin Michael Coleman Michael Reynolds (TV Episode: Hide Sight) (2010)
Miles Williams Altar Boy #1 (TV Episode: Cold Reveal) (2007)
Bridger Zadina [16] Nicky Harris (TV Episode: Unusual Suspects) (2010)
Joshua Rush [9] Luke Garito (TV Episode: Rest in Peace, Marina Garito) (2010)
Skyler Gisondo [13] Jake Kaplan (TV Episode: The Party's Over) (2009)
Corinne Massiah Michelle Woods (TV Episode: Unwrapped) (2012)
Jenna Ortega Aimee Moore (TV Episode: Unspoken) (2012)
Mandalynn Carlson Kelly Dupars (TV Episode: Late Admissions) (2012)
Olivia Stuck Lucy (TV Episode: Late Admissions) (2012)
Tayler Buck Dee (TV Episode: The Lady in the Lake) (2012)
Terrell Ransom Jr. Lonnie James (TV Episode: Unspoken) (2012)
Cameron Sanders Charley Duncan (TV Episode: Boo) (2007)

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