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Without a Trace (TV series 2002-2009)

Vanished (USA)
W.A.T (USA: short title)
Without a Trace (Australia)

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2002 June, 18
60 minutes
Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller


As any detective can tell you, investigating missing property or deaths is comparatively easy compared to elusive missing people. However in New York City, there is a special unit of the FBI that is designed to find them. Using the vast resources of their bureau, the team, lead by Agent Jack Malone, race against time in the tight 72 hour window after a disappearance while hope for a recovery is still typically possible. - IMDb

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Arithmetic mean = 7.0
Bez śladu Poland
Bez stopy Slovakia
Bez traga Croatia
Beze stopy Czechoslovakia
Brez sledu Slovenia
Brottskod: Försvunnen Sweden
Desaparecidos Brazil
Dispăruţi fără urmă Romania
FBI - Portés disparus (new title) France
FBI - portés disparus Switzerland
FBI - portés disparus France
FBI: Shissôsha wo oe! Japan
FBI: Shissôsha wo oe! 2 (second season title) Japan
FBI: Shissôsha wo oe! 3 (third season title) Japan
FBI失踪者を追え Japan
Forsvundet sporløst Denmark
Horis ihnos (transliterated title) Greece
Ilman johtolankaa Finland
İz Bırakmadan Turkey
Jälgi jätmata Estonia
Missing: Without a Trace (informal literal title) Netherlands
Nyomtalanul Hungary
Sans laisser de trace Canada
Sem Rasto Portugal
Senza traccia Italy
Sin rastro Argentina
Sin rastro Spain
Sin rastro Mexico
Sporløst forsvunnet Norway
Sta ihni tou eglimatos Greece
Vanished USA
W.A.T (short title) USA
Without a Trace Australia
Without a Trace Canada
Without a Trace Ecuador
Without a Trace United Kingdom
Without a Trace Israel
Without a Trace India
Without a Trace South Korea
Without a Trace Philippines
Without a Trace Singapore
Without a Trace USA
Without a Trace South Africa
Without a Trace United Arab Emirates
Without a Trace - Spurlos verschwunden West Germany
Χωρίς ίχνος Greece
Без сліду Ukraine
Без следа Russia
Без трага Serbia
Безследно изчезнали Bulgaria
失蹤現場 Taiwan

Children's Cast:

Uriah Shelton [10] 11 Year Old Brett (TV Episode: Fight/Flight) (2007)
Nathan Gamble [9] Kobe Farentino (TV Episode: Where and Why) (2007)
Jared Gilmore [8] Matthew (TV Episode: Driven) (2008)
Paul Butcher [13] Alex Rosen (TV Episode: One and Only) (2007)
Dominic Scott Kay [10] Eli (TV Episode: Check Your Head) (2006)
Jacob Smith [14] Matt Palmer (TV Episode: Bait) (2004)
Alia Shawkat [14] Sioban Arintero (TV Episode: Maple Street) (2003)
Tanner Maguire [11] Young John (TV Episode: Chameleon) (2009)
Bradley Steven Perry [10] Charlie (TV Episode: Closure) (2008)
Thomas Curtis [12] Peter (TV Episode: Fallout: Part 2) (2003)
Amy Schlagel 3 Year-Old Serene Barnes (TV Episode: Lost and Found) (2004)
Zoe Schlagel 3 Year-Old Serene Barnes (TV Episode: Lost and Found) (2004)
Darian Weiss [14] Bryan Parker (TV Episode: Stolen) (2006)
Gattlin Griffith Travis Feretti (TV Episode: Undertow) (2009)
Joseph Castanon [9] Ethan Heller (TV Episode: The Little Things) (2006)
Anton Yelchin [14] Johnny Atkins (TV Episode: The Bus) (2003)
Ashlyn Sanchez [11] Sofie Delgado (TV Episode: Desert Springs) (2007)
Carter Jenkins [12] Kyle (TV Episode: Fallout: Part 1) (2003)
Danielle Chuchran [12] Melissa (TV Episode: The Innocents) (2005)
Dyllan Christopher [14] Ian (TV Episode: Volcano) (2005)
Eddy Martin [13] Hispanic Child (TV Episode: A Tree Falls) (2003)
Hayden McFarland [13] Elliot Norville (TV Episode: Volcano) (2005)
Hayden Tank [14] Will (TV Episode: Requiem) (2006)
Jordan Garrett [14] Pete Robinson (TV Episode: The Stranger) (2006)
Khamani Griffin [9] Andrew Pratt (TV Episode: Skin Deep) (2007)
Landry Allbright [14] Annie Miller (TV Episode: Maple Street) (2003)
Paul Robert Langdon [15] Sergio (TV Episode: Revelations) (2003)
Sean Marquette [15] Nicholas (TV Episode: Copy Cat) (2003)
Spencer Locke [13] Brandee Case (TV Episode: Wannabe) (2004)
Wyatt Smith [13] Ryan Bynum (TV Episode: One Wrong Move) (2007)
Bret Loehr [13] Dylan Jordano (TV Episode: Requiem) (2006)
Steffani Brass [11] Wendy (TV Episode: Fallout: Part 2) (2003)
Benjamin Bryan [11] Shawn Hopkins - Age 10 (TV Episode: A Day in the Life) (2005)
Channing Nichols [13] Emmy West (TV Episode: The Thing with Feathers) (2006)
Kat Dennings [17] Jennifer Norton (TV Episode: Sons and Daughters) (2003)
Jake Thomas [14] Eric Miller (TV Episode: Wannabe) (2004)
Nathan Norton [11] Kevin Burke (TV Episode: Light Years) (2004)
Mariah Bess Jessica Owen (TV Episode: Exposure) (2004)
Aria Noelle Curzon [16] Sandra (TV Episode: Clare de Lune) (2003)
Creagen Dow [15] Peter Hoyt - Age 14 (TV Episode: Check Your Head) (2006)
J.R. Villarreal [11] Nelson Rodriguez (TV Episode: A Tree Falls) (2003)
Isabella Astor [12] Young Nora (TV Episode: One and Only) (2007)
Brandon Killham [10] Jared (TV Episode: Claus and Effect) (2007)
Ashley Rose [15] Daisy Thorpe (TV Episode: The Bogie Man) (2005)
Shane Haboucha [15] Ryan Wallace (TV Episode: Safe) (2005)
Taylor Emerson [18] Rick Jenkins (TV Episode: Connections) (2007)
Brian McLaughlin Young Rick / Greg (TV Episode: Doppelgänger: Part 2) (2004)
Laivan Greene [13] Barbara (TV Episode: From the Ashes) (2005)
Christian Berney [12] Young Sadik (TV Episode: The Damage Done) (2006)
Skye Arens [7] Kate (TV Episode: The Road Home) (2006)
Blake Hightower [14] Michael Grant (TV Episode: Driven) (2008)
Bobby Chavez [11] Nickie Alvarez / Nickie (TV Episode: Legacy) (2004)
Savannah Stehlin [13] Megan Dobbs (TV Episode: Wanted) (2009)
Field Cate [9] Petros Marku (TV Episode: The Damage Done) (2006)
Haley Ramm [15] Jen Long (TV Episode: Driven) (2007)
Shailene Woodley [12] Young Clare Metcalf (TV Episode: Clare de Lune) (2003)
Alexa Nikolas [12] Emily Levine (TV Episode: Wannabe) (2004)
Megan Lusk [16] Amber Bryce (TV Episode: The Bogie Man) (2005)
David Henrie [13] Gabe Freedman (TV Episode: Birthday Boy) (2002)
Colton James [14] Leo (TV Episode: Birthday Boy) (2002)
Vanessa Marano [10] Hanna Malone (TV Episode: Undertow) (2002)
Masam Holden [12] Mike Gerard (TV Episode: Manhunt) (2005)
Jessie Usher [13] Malcolm (TV Episode: Neither Rain Nor Sleet) (2005)
Bryce Robinson [7] Todd (TV Episode: Stolen) (2006)
John Bartlebaugh [7] Child at Mall Getting Gifts from Santa (TV Episode: Claus and Effect) (2007)
Scout Taylor-Compton [17] Emily Grant (TV Episode: White Balance) (2006)
Wil Myer [12] Alan Stone (TV Episode: Manhunt) (2005)
Jake Johnson [10] Little Glen (TV Episode: Claus and Effect) (2007)
Laura Marano [8] Kate Malone (TV Episode: Bait) (2003)
Tyler Posey [11] Robert (TV Episode: Silent Partner) (2002)
Loren Berman [15] Darren Levine (TV Episode: Wannabe) (2004)
Brandon Mychal Smith [17] Trevor (TV Episode: Blood Out) (2006)
Hannah Leigh Shelly Ross (TV Episode: Rise and Fall) (2008)
Nathan Kress [15] Young Barry (TV Episode: Eating Away) (2007)
Francesca Derosa Young Sue (TV Episode: Run) (2007)
Matteo Crismani [14] Billy Hopkins (TV Episode: Wannabe) (2004)
Daniel Chalfa [7] 5 Year-Old Bryan (TV Episode: Stolen) (2006)
Cameron Sanders (TV Episode: Stolen) (2006)
Madison Grimes [8] Jasmine Neely (TV Episode: Run) (2007)
Zoe Aggeliki [16] Shelby Lake (TV Episode: Run) (2007)
Sasha Pieterse [13] Daphne Stevens (TV Episode: Wanted) (2009)
Shawn H. Smith [17] Laquan (TV Episode: Safe) (2005)
Hudson Thames [13] Jay Douglas (TV Episode: Lost Boy) (2007)
Galvin Chapman [11] Nicolas Sawyer (TV Episode: Sons and Daughters) (2003)
Kasha Kropinski [13] Lisa Potter (TV Episode: Wannabe) (2004)
Cassi Thomson [13] Sarah Jameson (TV Episode: The Road Home) (2006)
Paul Mott Noah (TV Episode: Candy) (2006)