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Sons & Daughters (TV series)

Sons & Daughters (USA)

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2006 March, 7
30 minutes
Comedy / Drama

The zany and slightly troubled members of a family try to make it through life as comedy ensues. In the center of the mess is Cameron, who is happily married to second wife Liz, with three children. Cameron's teenage son from his first marriage has officially moved in-and has a little-well, a lot-of trouble becoming comfortable in the new environment. Cameron's sister Sharon seems to have the perfect life-although her husband, Don, are both in denial about their sex-less marriage. Then there's Jenna, the gorgeous little half-sister who had her life shook when she became a single mother. Jenna doesn't really know what's good for her, and she always goes for the bad boys like Tommy White, while the nice guys like Wylie Blake love her. Equally problem-filled Colleen and Wendal, the parents of the siblings, try to keep their family in order...somehow. Colleen, though, is admittedly uptight and impulsively judgmental. Even though they're all a little nuts, the Halbert family hangs in there and keeps it all together. - IMDb

Sons & Daughters Japan
Sons & Daughters USA

Children's Cast:

Noah Matthews Ezra Walker (TV Episode: Paige Returns) (2006)
Blaine Miller [16] Leonard (TV Episode: Paige Returns) (2007)
Alexandra Gold Jourden Marni Walker (TV Episode: Karaoke) (2006)