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Jeremiah (TV series 2002-2004)

Jeremiah (Australia)

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In a post-apocalyptic future, a deadly virus has wiped out most of humanity. The only ones who survived, were those who hadn't yet reached puberty. Now a decade has gone by, and a man called Jeremiah is set on a quest to find a mysterious place his father spoke of, a place called Valhalla. - IMDb

Jeremiah Canada
Jeremiah Australia
Jeremiah Canada
Jeremiah Netherlands
Jeremiah Spain
Jeremiah USA
Jeremiah South Africa
Jeremiah France
Jeremiah United Kingdom
Jeremiah - Krieger des Donners West Germany
Иеремия Russia

Children's Cast:

Devin Douglas Drewitz [13] Young Jeremiah (TV Episode: The Long Road: Part 1) (2002)
Genevieve Buechner [11] China (TV Episode: Ring of Truth) (2002)
Jessica Amlee [8] Rose / Little Girl Rose (TV Episode: Things Left Unsaid: Part 1) (2002)
Reece Thompson [14] Tommy (TV Episode: Red Kiss) (2002)
Nicole Muñoz [10] Little Girl (TV Episode: The State of the Union) (2004)
Kirsten Prout [12] Elayne (TV Episode: The Touch) (2002)
Andrew Francis [17] Young Markus (TV Episode: Man of Iron, Woman Under Glass) (2002)
Ryan Drescher Michael (TV Episode: Mother of Invention) (2002)
Ginger Page Young girl (TV Episode: The Long Road: Part 1) (2002)
Samuel Patrick Chu Blackboard Kid (TV Episode: Interregnum: Part 1) (2004)
Spencer Achtymichuk [8] Gabe (TV Episode: Mother of Invention) (2002)
Bryce Hodgson [13] Tanner (TV Episode: The Bag) (2002)
Brad Mooney [15] Jimmy (TV Episode: The Past Is Prologue) (2003)
Kayden Porbeni Young Kurdy (TV Episode: The Long Road: Part 1) (2002)
Justin Callan Nicky (TV Episode: The Touch) (2002)