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Toto Lost in New York (Video)

Toto Lost in New York (USA)

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1996 October, 1
85 minutes
Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Fantasy
Production Company:

Andrea, daughter of Glinda, who dresses like Ozma, accidentally sends Toto 2 to New York in a hot air balloon made by Frank, the Wizard's son. The other kids must follow the course set by Frank's computer to take them to him. When they arrive, their balloon is trashed, and they meet Rick, a homeless man who has adopted Toto. The strange appearance of some of the kids keeps plans to return from going smoothly, but are affected much more so by a clash of cultures. - IMDb

Toto Lost in New York USA

Children's Cast:

Jonathan Taylor Thomas [15] Scarecrow Jr. (voice)
Bradley Pierce [13] Boris (voice)
Eric Lloyd [10] Neddie (voice)
Gabrielle Boni [11] Munchkin #2 (voice)
Shay Astar [15] Andrea
Jarrett Lennon [14] Munchkin #1 / Munchkin #3 (voice)
Remy Ryan [15] Angie (voice)
Alex Zuckerman Frank Jr. (voice)
Aaron Michael Metchik [16] Jack Pumpkinhead (voice)
Benjamin Salisbury [15] Tin Boy (voice)