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Born to Sing

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1942 February, 18
82 minutes
Action / Crime / Musical
Production Company:

Show promoter Cartwright has stolen the songs that Frank wrote while he was in the big house. The boys go to Cartwright to get Frank credit for his work, and Cartwright has them arrested for extortion, of which they are innocent. Luckily, they are in the same paddy wagon as Pete and when his gang springs Pete, the boys are sprung. The only way that they can prove now that the songs are Frank's is to put on a show before Cartwright show 'Melody for You' opens. The boys and Patsy find a theater, paint the scenery and put all the kids in the neighborhood to work on the show. Pete Detroit makes sure that Cartwright's show does not open on the same night and that his cabs bring in an audience. - IMDb

Mocidade do Barulho Brazil
Nacidos para cantar Venezuela
Nacidos para el canto Mexico

Children's Cast:

Robert Winkler [15] Crawfish
Rudy Wissler [13] Kid
Richard Hall [7] Mozart Cooper
Darla Hood [10] 'Quiz Kid'
Virginia Weidler [14] Patsy Eastman
Larry Nunn [16] Mike Conroy

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