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The Troop (TV series)

The Troop (USA)

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2009 September, 12
30 minutes
Action / Adventure / Comedy / Sci-Fi

Nineth-grader Jake Collins thought he was simply moving to a new town. But soon his whole world is turned upside down as he discovers not only that Big Foots, lake monsters and other supposedly mythical beasts are real, but that he's been recruited to join THE TROOP: the secret organization of kids whose sole mission is to battle those creatures and send them back to "the other side." - IMDb

Brygada Poland
Escuadra Anti-Monstruos Venezuela
Skuadra Anti-Monstër (subtitle) Albania
Troop - Die Monsterjäger West Germany
The Troop Singapore
The Troop USA
The Troop Brazil
The Troop Canada
The Troop Ecuador
The Troop United Kingdom
The Troop Israel
The Troop Mexico
The Troop Netherlands
The Troop Philippines
Ловци на чудовища Bulgaria
Секретный отряд Russia

Children's Cast:

Matreya Fedor [12] Phoebe Collins
Ryan Grantham [11] Stevie (TV Episode: The Good, the Bad and the Ickie Doll) (2009)
Casey Dubois [17] Critter (TV Episode: The Wrath of Wraith) (2010)
Malese Jow [20] Cadence Nash (TV Episode: Through the Looking Glass) (2011)
Gage Golightly [16] Hayley Steele (TV Episode: Ice Hassles) (2009)
Meshach Peters [13] Disposal Team (TV Episode: Prisoner of Lakewood) (2009)
Victoria Justice [17] Eris Fairy (TV Episode: Speed) (2010)
Noah Munck [15] The Sniffer (TV Episode: A Sniff Too Far) (2011)
Dante Lee Arias Trick or Treater (TV Episode: The Great Punkin) (2009)
Isabelle Deluce [17] Claudia Forlani (TV Episode: Taming of the Cube) (2009)