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Family Law (TV series 1999-2002)

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1999 September, 20
60 minutes
Crime / Drama / Romance

An upscale law firm specializing in family law undertakes clients with domestic conflicts. - IMDb

Associées pour la loi France
Családjogi esetek Hungary
Eron lait Finland
Firman Sweden
Frauenpower Germany
In tribunale con Lynn Italy
Leyes de familia Spain
Sprawy rodzinne Poland

Children's Cast:

Chase Ellison [7] Ryan McClendon / Pierce (TV Episode: Going Home) (2000)
Alexander Gould [7] Josh Deverell (TV Episode: Angel's Flight) (2001)
Jesse James [13] Jake Shaw (TV Episode: Celano v. Foster) (2002)
Mike Weinberg [7] Scott Crowley (TV Episode: Are You My Father?) (2000)
Jacob Smith [12] Justin Rollins (TV Episode: Blood and Water) (2002)
Devon Alan [9] Peter McCord / Michael Braun (TV Episode: Necessity) (2000)
Abigail Mavity [7] Marla Anderson (TV Episode: Telling Lies, Conclusion) (2000)
Austin Wolff Daniel Johnson (TV Episode: My Brother's Keeper) (2001)
Christina Stojanovich [12] Michelle Perliss (TV Episode: Sacrifices) (2001)
Daveigh Chase [12] Jamie Garibaldi (TV Episode: Blood and Water) (2002)
Douglas Smith [16] Patrick Samson (TV Episode: Sex, Lies, and Internet) (2001)
Halley Eveland [7] Boy in Photo (TV Episode: Second Chance) (2000)
Joel Palmer [13] Matthew Reynolds (TV Episode: Pilot) (1999)
Marc John Jefferies [12] Marcus (TV Episode: To Protect and Serve) (2002)
Ross Malinger [15] Henry (TV Episode: All God's Creatures) (1999)
Sean Marquette [13] Kevin Perliss (TV Episode: Sacrifices) (2001)
Tyler Patrick Jones [6] Tommy Pierce (TV Episode: Going Home) (2000)
Vanessa Zima [14] Marie Cameron (TV Episode: One Mistake) (2000)
Will Rothhaar [14] Gary (TV Episode: Against All Odds) (2001)
Bret Loehr [8] Max Boyd (TV Episode: All in the Family) (2001)
Curtis Blanck [13] Graham Sullivan (TV Episode: Safe at Home) (2001)
David Dorfman [7] Rupie Holt (TV Episode: Alienation of Affection) (2000)
Brian McLaughlin James Johnson (TV Episode: My Brother's Keeper) (2001)
Hallee Hirsh [14] Katie Pollack (TV Episode: Obligations) (2001)
Penny Bae Bridges [11] Nyala Wilkes (TV Episode: Moving On) (2001)
Khleo Thomas [10] Lanny Brass (TV Episode: Games) (1999)
Robert Thomas Preston [10] Mike Williams (TV Episode: Arlene's Choice) (2002)
Michelle Horn [12] Cassie Holt (TV Episode: Alienation of Affection) (1999)
Sierra Abel [8] Heather (TV Episode: The Gay Divorcee) (2001)
Myles Jeffrey [11] Charlie Sullivan (TV Episode: Safe at Home) (2001)
Gemini Barnett [12] Jack Carson (TV Episode: Big Brother) (2002)
J.B. Gaynor [9] Robbie Ford (TV Episode: Decisions) (1999)
Joey Hiott [9] James (TV Episode: A Mother's Son) (2000)
Tyler Cole Malinger [10] Alex (TV Episode: Games) (1999)
Hannah Leigh Kaitlyn (TV Episode: Family Values) (2000)
Gavin Fink [8] Mark Quinn (TV Episode: Generations) (2000)

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