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ER (TV series 1994-2009)

E.R. (USA: alternative spelling)
Emergency Room (USA: working title)

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1994 September, 19
44 minutes


Michael Crichton has created a medical drama that chronicles life and death in a Chicago hospital emergency room. Each episode tells the tale of another day in the ER, from the exciting to the mundane, and the joyous to the heart-rending. Frenetic pacing, interwoven plot lines, and emotional rollercoastering is used to attempt to accurately depict the stressful environment found there. This show even portrays the plight of medical students in their quest to become physicians. - IMDb

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Akutten Norway
Cityakuten Sweden
E.R. (alternative spelling) USA
E.R. - Medici in prima linea Italy
Emergency Room (working title) USA
Emergency Room - Die Notaufnahme (new title) Germany
Emergency Room - Helden im O.P. Germany
ER Emergencias Argentina
ER: Plantão Médico (DVD title) Brazil
ER: Sala de urgencia (dubbed version) Uruguay
Hitna služba Croatia
Kiirabihaigla Estonia
Ligonines priimamasis Lithuania
Ostry dyzur Poland
Plantão Médico Brazil
Sala de emergencias Mexico
Serviço de Urgência Portugal
Skadestuen Denmark
Stin entatiki (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) Greece
Teho-osasto Finland
Urgenca Slovenia
Urgences France
Urgencias Spain
Urgentni centar Serbia
Vészhelyzet Hungary
Скорая помощь Russia
Спешно отделение (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria

Children's Cast:

Dakota Fanning [6] Delia Chadsey (TV Episode: The Fastest Year) (2000)
Josh Hutcherson [10] Matt (TV Episode: First Snowfall) (2002)
Seth Adkins [8] Benny Miles (TV Episode: Fortune's Fools) (1997)
Jeremy Sumpter [12] Nathan (TV Episode: I'll Be Home for Christmas) (2001)
Jesse James [9] Wilson Geary (TV Episode: Good Luck, Ruth Johnson) (1998)
Mike Weinberg [6] Tommy (TV Episode: How the Finch Stole Christmas) (1999)
Scotty Leavenworth [10] Wyatt Parker (TV Episode: Match Made in Heaven) (2000)
Andrew Astor [8] Tyler (TV Episode: Let It Snow) (2008)
Paul Butcher [9] Paul Dressler (TV Episode: When Night Meets Day) (2003)
Courtney Jines [11] Rachel (TV Episode: A Saint in the City) (2003)
Erik von Detten [13] Ben Larkin (TV Episode: Hell and High Water) (1995)
Jake Lloyd [7] Jimmy Sweet (TV Episode: Dead of Winter) (1996)
Kay Panabaker [12] Melissa Rue (TV Episode: The Letter) (2002)
Kirsten Dunst [14] Charlie Chiemingo (TV Episode: One More for the Road) (1996)
Makenzie Vega [15] Vera (TV Episode: I Feel Good) (2009)
Michael Angarano [16] Zack (TV Episode: The Greater Good) (2003)
Rachael Bella [10] Sarah Gasner (TV Episode: Into That Good Night) (1994)
Reiley McClendon [12] Aaron James (TV Episode: It's All in Your Head) (2002)
Trevor Morgan [12] Scott Anspaugh (TV Episode: Think Warm Thoughts) (1998)
Yvonne Zima [5] Rachel Greene (TV Episode: They Treat Horses, Don't They?) (1994)
Chad Power [11] First Baseman (TV Episode: Love Among the Ruins) (1995)
Ty Panitz [7] Hot Wheels Boy (TV Episode: Jigsaw) (2006)
Ariel Winter [11] Lucy Moore (TV Episode: The Family Man) (2009)
Brenda Song [13] Lynda An (TV Episode: Fear of Commitment) (2001)
Booboo Stewart [11] Power Ranger (TV Episode: Man with No Name) (2005)
Devon Alan [11] Kyle McCormick (TV Episode: A Simple Twist of Fate) (2002)
Remy Thorne [11] Milo (TV Episode: Scoop and Run) (2006)
Zac Efron [16] Bobby Neville (TV Episode: Dear Abby) (2003)
Shia LaBeouf [14] Darnel Smith (TV Episode: Abby Road) (2000)
Joseph Castanon [10] Reggie Santo (TV Episode: Gravity) (2007)
Abraham Verduzco [11] Palmer (TV Episode: Motherhood) (1995)
Alex D. Linz [11] Dennis (TV Episode: Mars Attacks) (2000)
Alexa PenaVega [7] Bonnie Howe (TV Episode: Sleepless in Chicago) (1995)
Angus T. Jones [8] Sean Gattney (TV Episode: Quo Vadis?) (2001)
Anton Yelchin [11] Robbie Edelstein (TV Episode: Be Still My Heart) (2000)
Aree Davis [13] Kaitlin (TV Episode: White Guy, Dark Hair) (2004)
Ashley Johnson [15] Dana Ellis (TV Episode: They Treat Horses, Don't They?) (1998)
Austin Wolff Timmy Wesson (TV Episode: Next of Kin) (2002)
Cameron Bowen [15] Martin (TV Episode: A Saint in the City) (2003)
Cesar Flores [8] Oscar (TV Episode: Forgive and Forget) (2004)
Christa B. Allen [18] Jody Nugent (TV Episode: Love Is a Battlefield) (2009)
Connor Matheus [7] Ian Parker (TV Episode: Match Made in Heaven) (2000)
Cory Buck [9] Tommy (TV Episode: Tribes) (1997)
Courtland Mead [12] Vanilla Latte Boy (TV Episode: Leave It to Weaver) (1999)
Dakota Floeter [1] Baby (TV Episode: Happy New Year) (1995)
Danielle Chuchran [16] Sloan (TV Episode: And in the End...) (2009)
Daveigh Chase [10] Taylor Walker (TV Episode: The Greatest of Gifts) (2000)
Dee Dee Davis [11] Evie (TV Episode: 300 Patients) (2007)
Dylan McLaughlin [14] Marcus Faneca (TV Episode: Coming Home) (2007)
Dyllan Christopher [9] Hank (TV Episode: The Greatest of Gifts) (2000)
Emmy Yu [8] Whitney (TV Episode: The Right Thing) (1996)
Eric Lloyd [15] Martin Leanly (TV Episode: Rampage) (2001)
Evan Sabara [6] Jared Leary (TV Episode: Masquerade) (1998)
Forrest Landis [11] Christopher Shore (TV Episode: Alone in a Crowd) (2005)
Gabrielle Boni [11] TC Lucas (TV Episode: Take These Broken Wings) (1996)
Gemmenne de la Peña [12] Elevator Scout (TV Episode: White Guy, Dark Hair) (2004)
Gianna Beleno Suzie Lewis (TV Episode: Brothers and Sisters) (2002)
Hayden Tank [8] Edgar Braley (TV Episode: The Fastest Year) (2000)
Holliston Coleman [10] Brianna Cooper (TV Episode: It's All in Your Head) (2002)
Jack Johnson [14] Daniel Pendry (TV Episode: Partly Cloudy, Chance of Rain) (2001)
Jeremy Shada [7] Bobby (TV Episode: Time of Death) (2004)
Jonathan Hernandez [12] Wilbur (TV Episode: The Secret Sharer) (1995)
Jordan Calloway K.J. Thibeaux (TV Episode: Darfur) (2005)
Jordan Garrett [10] Bradley Wesson (TV Episode: Next of Kin) (2002)
Joseph Ashton [15] Jeremy Norris (TV Episode: If I Should Fall from Grace) (2001)
Joseph Tello [7] Skeleton (TV Episode: Ghosts) (1996)
Josh Flitter [14] Unicycle Boy (TV Episode: Under Pressure) (2008)
Josh Peck [15] Nick Stevens (TV Episode: Thy Will Be Done) (2001)
Justin Cooper [7] Kid (TV Episode: What Life?) (1995)
Kelsey Mulrooney [11] Sophie (TV Episode: Exodus) (1998)
Kennedy McCullough Danielle Hopkins (TV Episode: All About Christmas Eve) (2005)
Khamani Griffin [7] Clayton Davis (TV Episode: Alone in a Crowd) (2005)
Kyla Pratt [10] Lily (TV Episode: Take These Broken Wings) (1996)
Kyle Gibson [13] Danny Huggins (TV Episode: A Shift in the Night) (1996)
Marc John Jefferies [15] Victor Hopkins (TV Episode: Back in the World) (2005)
Marina Malota [16] Molly (TV Episode: The Advocate) (2003)
Mason Gamble [11] Robert Potter (TV Episode: The Long Way Around) (1997)
Michael Galeota [11] Joseph O'Connor (TV Episode: Days Like This) (1995)
Natanya Ross [14] Mandy Horn (TV Episode: Long Day's Journey) (1995)
Matthew Carey [16] David (TV Episode: Let the Games Begin) (1996)
Shay Astar [14] Amy Thompson (TV Episode: What Life?) (1995)
Tanner Lee Prairie [6] Gus (TV Episode: The Birthday Party) (1995)
Thomas Dekker [7] 4-year-old boy (TV Episode: 24 Hours) (1994)
Trenton Knight [13] Zachary (TV Episode: Long Day's Journey) (1995)
Will Rothhaar [14] Robert 'Bo' Borsalino (TV Episode: Survival of the Fittest) (2001)
Zachary Browne [10] Jake Leeds (TV Episode: Everything Old Is New Again) (1995)
Ryan Wilson [11] Bryan Cooley (TV Episode: April Showers) (2001)
Corbin Bleu [7] Little Boy (TV Episode: Ask Me No Questions, I'll Tell You No Lies) (1996)
Dan Byrd [16] Russ (TV Episode: If I Should Fall from Grace) (2001)
Jarrett Lennon [12] Billy Logan (TV Episode: 24 Hours) (1994)
Ashlee Lauren [9] Annie Sweet (TV Episode: Dead of Winter) (1996)
Bret Loehr [10] Matthew (TV Episode: Now What?) (2003)
Keke Palmer [12] Janell Parkerson (TV Episode: The Show Must Go On) (2005)
Steffani Brass [8] Shelly Burke (TV Episode: Loose Ends) (2000)
Brittney Lee Harvey [12] Jane Irby - hockey player (TV Episode: Hindsight) (2002)
Marcus Toji [11] Binkey (TV Episode: Happy New Year) (1995)
E.J. De la Pena Kirby (TV Episode: The Gift) (1994)
Brent Kinsman [11] Curly Weddington (TV Episode: The Book of Abby) (2008)
Shane Kinsman [11] Larry Weddington (TV Episode: The Book of Abby) (2008)
Steven Anthony Lawrence [11] John Thomas Frum (TV Episode: Never Say Never) (2001)
Juliette Goglia [10] Sydney Carlyle (TV Episode: The Human Shield) (2005)
Rae'Ven Larrymore Kelly [11] Monique (TV Episode: John Carter, M.D.) (1996)
Austin O'Brien [14] Kyle Kazlaw (TV Episode: The Secret Sharer) (1995)
Julia Whelan [14] Laura (TV Episode: The Miracle Worker) (1998)
Kali Majors [5] Sydney Spencer (TV Episode: Get Carter) (2004)
Austin Majors [10] Lucas Shore (TV Episode: Alone in a Crowd) (2005)
Bobby Edner [11] Zach (TV Episode: The Storm: Part 2) (1999)
Rachel Crane Terri (TV Episode: Be Patient) (2000)
Stephanie Patton [12] Patricia Kenig (TV Episode: I Do) (2005)
Jamie Renée Smith [14] Emily Perrault (TV Episode: Survival of the Fittest) (2001)
Chris Marquette [16] Marty Dorset (TV Episode: Abby Road) (2000)
Nathan Norton [10] David (TV Episode: A Saint in the City) (2003)
Kyle Sullivan [12] Nicholas Rosato (TV Episode: May Day) (2000)
Eli Russell Linnetz [11] Ted Shayotovich (TV Episode: Rampage) (2001)
Curtis Blanck [6] Murray (TV Episode: The Gift) (1994)
Matt Weinberg [12] Douglas Leeman (TV Episode: Beyond Repair) (2002)
Charlie Stewart [7] Albert (TV Episode: Mars Attacks) (2000)
Jurnee Smollett-Bell [16] Romy (TV Episode: Next of Kin) (2002)
Rico Rodriguez [9] James (TV Episode: Crisis of Conscience) (2007)
Logan Grove Dickie (TV Episode: Strange Bedfellows) (2006)
Skye Barrett [6] Eva Colburn (TV Episode: Let It Snow) (2008)
Payton Maguire Emily (TV Episode: Under the Influence) (2007)
Vicki Wauchope Nancy (TV Episode: Long Day's Journey) (1995)
Kesun Loder [16] Felix Kirsch (TV Episode: I Feel Good) (2009)
Carlie Westerman Jessica Brower (TV Episode: Damage Is Done) (2002)
Shane Haboucha [15] Barry Kendrick (TV Episode: Dream House) (2005)
Dylan Boersma [9] Michael #1 (TV Episode: Drive) (2004)
Casey Boersma [9] Michael #2 (TV Episode: Drive) (2004)
Steven Christopher Parker [16] Harold Zelinsky / Gus (TV Episode: 300 Patients) (2005)
Derek Montgomery [7] Clayton (TV Episode: Friendly Fire) (1997)
Taylor Emerson [10] Loren (TV Episode: The Peace of Wild Things) (1999)
Brian McLaughlin John Esmond (TV Episode: They Treat Horses, Don't They?) (1998)
Dallas McKinney [12] Jeremy (TV Episode: Time of Death) (2004)
Alycia Stark [8] Joey (TV Episode: Partly Cloudy, Chance of Rain) (2001)
Ryan Pepi [8] Joey Pendry (TV Episode: Partly Cloudy, Chance of Rain) (2001)
Savannah Stehlin [11] Charlotte Paxon (TV Episode: From Here to Paternity) (2007)
Lulu Antariksa [9] Anna (TV Episode: Touch & Go) (2004)
Denzel Whitaker [15] Hassan (TV Episode: Wake Up) (2005)
Haley Ramm [15] Tasha (TV Episode: Crisis of Conscience) (2007)
Hallee Hirsh [14] Rachel Greene (TV Episode: It's All in Your Head) (2001)
Jonathan Morgan Heit [7] Jessie (TV Episode: Dying Is Easy...) (2007)
Chancellor Miller [11] Brett (TV Episode: Damaged) (2004)
Andrew J. Ferchland [7] Ozzie Sheff (TV Episode: Hit and Run) (1994)
Khleo Thomas [15] Brian (TV Episode: Forgive and Forget) (2004)
Max Kasch [16] Andrew (TV Episode: Start All Over Again) (2001)
Allison Scagliotti [16] Josie Weller (TV Episode: Heart of the Matter) (2006)
Alexa Nikolas [13] Megan Nesbitt (TV Episode: You Are Here) (2005)
Jack Weber [11] Paulie (TV Episode: Reason to Believe) (2006)
Robert Thomas Preston [12] Clay Bennett (TV Episode: Blood Relations) (2004)
Bryce Cass [10] Thomas (TV Episode: Family Business) (2007)
Tatum McCann [10] Emily (TV Episode: I Feel Good) (2009)
J. Madison Wright [11] Molly Phillips (TV Episode: Hell and High Water) (1995)
Michaela Gallo [11] Amy Hembree (TV Episode: Rock, Paper, Scissors) (2001)
Sierra Abel [8] Eden Minty (TV Episode: Supplies and Demands) (2001)
Miles Heizer [13] Joshua Lipnicki (TV Episode: In a Different Light) (2007)
Myles Jeffrey [10] Jeff Persky (TV Episode: The Greatest of Gifts) (2000)
Daniel Samonas [17] Finn Andrews (TV Episode: Officer Down) (2007)
Colton James [14] Mickey (TV Episode: Damage Is Done) (2002)
Masam Holden [13] Teller (TV Episode: Reason to Believe) (2006)
Grady Hutt [13] Sam Adams (TV Episode: Suffer the Little Children) (1998)
Madison Davenport [12] Claire O'Fallon (TV Episode: Parental Guidance) (2008)
Devon Michael [11] Eric Reynolds (TV Episode: My Brother's Keeper) (1998)
Oscar Blanco [11] Carlos Moore (TV Episode: Status Quo) (2008)
Alex Black [16] Dirk (TV Episode: Ruby Redux) (2005)
Braeden Lemasters [10] Sean (TV Episode: The Gallant Hero & the Tragic Victor) (2006)
Jaishon Fisher [7] Luke Walker (TV Episode: No Strings Attached) (2003)
Scout Taylor-Compton [12] Liz Woodman (TV Episode: A Walk in the Woods) (2001)
Joey Hiott [13] Ian (TV Episode: One for the Road) (2004)
Jesse Littlejohn [9] Noah Krawczyk (TV Episode: Welcome Back Carter!) (1995)
Cole Petersen [12] Harry Price (TV Episode: Twas the Night) (2004)
Aedin Mincks [9] Kid #1 (TV Episode: The Family Man) (2009)
Alec Roberts Simon (TV Episode: Survival of the Fittest) (2001)
Sterling Beaumon [13] Danny Raskin (TV Episode: Haunted) (2008)
Tyler Neitzel [14] Casey Bryson (TV Episode: Middleman) (2005)
Emile Hirsch [14] Chad Kottmeier (TV Episode: Humpty Dumpty) (1999)
Noah Verduzco [17] Gang Kid at Bus (TV Episode: Welcome Back Carter!) (1995)
Dylan Kasch [13] Chris Spencer (TV Episode: It's All in Your Head) (2002)
Michael Purvis Lester (TV Episode: How the Finch Stole Christmas) (1999)
Glenn Walker Harris Jr. [15] Ruben (TV Episode: Split Second) (1998)
Christian Coleman [17] Mookie 'Slice' James (TV Episode: Another Perfect Day) (1994)
Jake Johnson [11] Gabriel Robbins (TV Episode: Atonement) (2008)
Benjamin Israeli Toby (TV Episode: Survival of the Fittest) (2001)
Zachary Charles [9] Joey Larkin (TV Episode: Hell and High Water) (1995)
Preston Thompson Boy (TV Episode: And in the End...) (2009)
Skyler Gisondo [10] Timmy Jankowski (TV Episode: Twenty-One Guns) (2006)
Gabby Soleil [10] Bridget Davis (TV Episode: Alone in a Crowd) (2005)
Craig Lamar Traylor [7] Michael (TV Episode: Dead of Winter) (1996)
Jimmy Karz [14] Alfred Clark (TV Episode: Day for Knight) (1998)
Kylee Russell [9] Lola (TV Episode: Wake Up) (2005)
Noah Munck [13] Logan (TV Episode: I Feel Good) (2009)
Jameson Baltes Byron (TV Episode: Summer Run) (1995)
Daniel E. Smith [17] Demitri (TV Episode: Lights Out) (2007)
Vincent Berry [12] Seth Willows (TV Episode: Getting to Know You) (1999)
Heather Matarazzo [15] Alyssa Gunther (TV Episode: Random Acts) (1997)
Mason Vale Cotton Brian (TV Episode: Life After Death) (2008)
Gavin Fink [11] Henry Martin (TV Episode: Out of Africa) (2003)
Cecilia Balagot Jenny Mode (TV Episode: Haunted) (2008)
Oliver Davis [10] Alex Taggart (TV Episode: The Show Must Go On) (2003)
Paige Hurd [14] Danielle Davis (TV Episode: Tell Me No Secrets...) (2006)
Gary LeRoi Gray [9] Mummy Boy (TV Episode: Ghosts) (1996)
Aldo Menjivar Nacho (TV Episode: Fathers and Sons) (1997)
Cameron Sanders Devon (TV Episode: Another Thursday at County) (2008)
Emily Grace Reaves [7] Delilah Voltaire (TV Episode: Truth Will Out) (2008)
Terrence Hardy Jr. Lucas Kirk (TV Episode: Intern's Guide to the Galaxy) (2004)
Spencir Bridges [7] Ethan (TV Episode: Two Ships) (2005)
Maximillian Kesmodel [11] Tommy Santo (TV Episode: Gravity) (2007)
John Christian Graas [14] Max Nielsen (TV Episode: The Healers) (1996)
Miles Marsico [12] David Bradley (TV Episode: Greene with Envy) (1999)
William Mace Cullum (TV Episode: Only Connect) (2005)
Alexandra Kyle [14] Marlene (TV Episode: Walk Like a Man) (2002)
Ebick Pizzadili Miss Ring (TV Episode: Day One) (1994)
Jean Marie Barnwell Samantha (TV Episode: Men Plan, God Laughs) (1995)
Aldis Hodge [12] Young Man / Brad Enloe (TV Episode: Stuck on You) (1998)
Shawn H. Smith [15] Turner (TV Episode: Foreign Affairs) (2003)
Mason Lucero [6] Jason (TV Episode: My Brother's Keeper) (1998)
A.J. Marton Peter Knight (TV Episode: Random Acts) (1997)
Jordan Del Spina [10] Thomas Bryson (TV Episode: Middleman) (2005)
Kasha Kropinski [13] Mia (TV Episode: White Guy, Dark Hair) (2004)
Thomas Scott Swordboy #1 (TV Episode: Ask Me No Questions, I'll Tell You No Lies) (1996)
Romeo Fabian Jesus (TV Episode: Something New) (1997)
Jonathan Patterson Zach Herlihy / Zach Herlihy #2 (TV Episode: Fear of Flying) (1996)
Joshua Patterson Zach Herlihy #1 (TV Episode: Fear of Flying) (1996)

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