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The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis (TV series 1959-1963)

Dobie Gillis (USA: second season title)
Max Shulman's Dobie Gillis (USA: fourth season title)

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Sensitive teenager Dobie Gillis (yes, Dobie being his real given name) exasperates his grocer father Herbert T. Gillis and is the apple of Winnie Gillis' eye, she being his mother. Dobie has an almost singular focus on the opposite sex, more often than not the object of his affection being the beautiful but money hungry Thalia Menninger, who in turn often loves Dobie but always loves money more, which Dobie never has and in his current life direction probably will never have to the extent that would satisfy Thalia. If not Thalia, Dobie pursues several other girls in his search for true love. His best friend is Maynard G. Krebs, a largely clueless but kind-hearted beatnik and lover of jazz music, he who always does what his best buddy Dobie does, often much to the chagrin of others in Dobie's life. While Dobie chases girls, the one girl he knows he does not want but who in turn knows that one day she will become Mrs. Dobie Gillis is bright Zelda Gilroy, who largely uses logic to convince Dobie that she is the girl for him. - IMDb

Dobie Gillis France
Dobie Gillis (second season title) USA
Max Shulman's Dobie Gillis (fourth season title) USA
Успех Доби Гиллис (Russian title) Soviet Union
ドビーの青春 (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

Ron Howard [5] Little Boy with Ray Gun / Little Boy Eating Candy Bar / Dan Adams / ... (TV Episode: Dobie's Birthday Party) (1959)
Billy Booth [11] Boy (TV Episode: A Taste for Lobster) (1960)
Cheryl Holdridge [18] Daphne Winsett (TV Episode: The Big Blunder and Egg Man) (1962)
Joey D. Vieira [16] Bobby Wilkins / Arthur Ellingboe (TV Episode: That's Show Biz) (1960)
Rickey Murray [16] Boy (TV Episode: A Taste for Lobster) (1960)
Scotty Morrow [13] Richie Boston (TV Episode: The Right Triangle) (1959)
Michael Burns [13] Chrissie Tyler (TV Episode: A Taste for Lobster) (1960)
Trudi Ames [15] Jenny (TV Episode: Dobie Plays Cupid) (1961)
Ahna Capri [16] Clarissa / Clarissa Spangler / Gilroy Daughter (TV Episode: Dobie Spreads a Rumor) (1960)
Rich Correll [14] Pete (TV Episode: Like Oh, Brother) (1962)
Kevin Jones Boy (TV Episode: Move Over, Perry Mason) (1961)
Annette Gorman [15] Amanda Jean Faversham (TV Episode: Flow Gently, Sweet Money) (1962)
Tuesday Weld [16] Thalia Menninger
Sherry Alberoni [14] Gilroy Daughter (TV Episode: Dobie Spreads a Rumor) (1960)
Gina Gillespie [9] Hermione Krausmeyer (TV Episode: A Taste for Lobster) (1960)