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The King of Queens (TV series 1998-2007)

The King of Queens (USA)

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1998 September, 21
22 minutes

When on TV?

16 Jun, 06:00 Viasat 3 Episode 1
16 Jun, 06:30 Viasat 3 Episode 2
17 Jun, 03:05 Viasat 3 Episode 1
17 Jun, 03:25 Viasat 3 Episode 2

Taking place in Rego Park, Queens, New York, a blue-collar married couple, Doug, a deliveryman, and Carrie, a secretary at a law firm, who both live with Carrie's oddball father, Arthur, try to make the best of what they got while trying to make their marriage somewhat normal and getting through tiny problems that they have together, even the occasional run-in with Carrie's father. - IMDb

Diabli nadali Poland
Domace kraljestvo Slovenia
Dva z Queensu Czechoslovakia
Dvaja z Queensu Slovakia
Férjek gyöngye Hungary
Kellarin kunkku Finland
King of Queens West Germany
The King of Queens Israel
The King of Queens India
The King of Queens India
The King of Queens Italy
The King of Queens Mexico
The King of Queens Netherlands
The King of Queens Philippines
The King of Queens Singapore
The King of Queens Turkey
The King of Queens USA
The King of Queens United Arab Emirates
The King of Queens South Africa
The King of Queens Argentina
The King of Queens Australia
The King of Queens Canada
The King of Queens Canada
The King of Queens Ecuador
The King of Queens Egypt
The King of Queens United Kingdom
Kongen af Queens Denmark
Kongen av Queens Norway
Kralj Queensa Croatia
Kung av Queens Sweden
O Rei do Bairro Brazil
O Rei do Bairro Portugal
O Rei do Queens Brazil
O vasilias tou Queens (transliterated title) Greece
El Rey de Queens Spain
Trasnitii din Queens Romania
Un gars du Queens France
Ο βασιλιάς του Queens Greece
Король Квінсу Ukraine
Король Квинса Russia
Краљ Квинса Serbia
Царят на квартала Bulgaria
キング・オブ・クイーンズ Japan

Children's Cast:

Cayden Boyd [8] Li'l Jared (TV Episode: Kirbed Enthusiasm) (2002)
Paul Butcher [12] Kenny (TV Episode: Mama Cast) (2006)
Erik Per Sullivan [11] Young Arthur (TV Episode: Shrink Wrap) (2002)
Graham Phillips [9] Winthrop (TV Episode: Mentalo Case) (2002)
Ashly Holloway Lucy (TV Episode: Shrink Wrap) (2002)
Kevin G. Schmidt [14] Skitch (TV Episode: Shrink Wrap) (2002)
Nick Benson [8] Richie (TV Episode: Patrons Ain't) (2002)
Rachel Duncan [15] Liz (TV Episode: Strike Too) (2000)
Rhiannon Leigh Wryn [5] Little Simone (TV Episode: Raygin' Bulls) (2005)
Sam Lerner [12] Donny (TV Episode: Multiple Plots) (2004)
Shane Baumel [8] Brandon (TV Episode: Catching Hell) (2005)
Philip Bolden [4] Kirby Palmer (TV Episode: Maybe Baby) (1999)
Brendon Ryan Barrett [14] Jason (TV Episode: Big Dougie) (2000)
Anthony De Marco [4] Jordan Kaplan (TV Episode: Mammary Lane) (2002)
Timmy Deters [8] Kenny (TV Episode: Patrons Ain't) (2002)
Matthew J. Evans [10] Ethan (TV Episode: Mama Cast) (2006)
Alexa Nikolas [9] Young Carrie (TV Episode: Veiled Threat) (2001)
Brady Corbet [12] Stu (TV Episode: Big Dougie) (2000)
Frankie Ryan Manriquez [7] Young Arthur (TV Episode: Ticker Treat) (2001)
Tyler Cole Malinger [13] Frank (TV Episode: Shrink Wrap) (2002)
Jordan Green Li'l Nicholas (TV Episode: Kirbed Enthusiasm) (2002)
Daniel E. Smith [12] Li'l Deacon (TV Episode: Mentalo Case) (2002)
Cody Klop [13] Frederick (TV Episode: Buggie Nights) (2006)
Damani Roberts [6] Major Palmer / Major (TV Episode: Arthur, Spooner) (2002)
Christian Copelin [11] Scott (TV Episode: Ovary Action) (2001)