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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV series 2000-2015)


Aka: C.S.I. (USA: short title)
CSI: Las Vegas (USA: syndication title)
Director: Kenneth Fink, Richard J. Lewis, Alec Smight ... more
Year: 2000
Country: USA
Runtime: 60 minutes
Genre: Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
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This show follows the nights of the detectives working at the Las Vegas Police Department Crime Scene Investigations bureau. Being the second busiest crime lab in America, CSI officers use the best scientific and technical methods to solve puzzles and catch criminals. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Dakota Fanning [6] Brenda Collins (TV Episode: Blood Drops) (2000)
Jimmy Bennett [8] Henry Turner (TV Episode: Paper or Plastic?) (2004)
Nathan Gamble [9] Mason Brewer / Kobe Farentino (TV Episode: Who and What) (2007)
Joey King [8] Nora Rowe / Little Girl (TV Episode: Living Doll) (2007)
Ty Simpkins [7] Tyler Waldrip (TV Episode: A Thousand Days on Earth) (2008)
Ryan Simpkins [10] Faith Waldrip (TV Episode: A Thousand Days on Earth) (2008)
Evan Rachel Wood [16] Nora Easton (TV Episode: Got Murder?) (2003)
Jenna Boyd [9] Sasha Rittle (TV Episode: Cross-Jurisdictions) (2002)
Morgan Lily [7] Chloe (TV Episode: Living Doll) (2007)
Kylie Rogers [9] Molly Goodwin (TV Episode: Backfire) (2013)
Courtney Jines [10] Jessica Rachel Trent (TV Episode: Cats in the Cradle...) (2002)
Kay Panabaker [16] Lindsey Willows (TV Episode: Built to Kill: Part 2) (2006)
Mae Whitman [16] Glynnis Carson (TV Episode: No Humans Involved) (2004)
Reiley McClendon [17] Charlie Kellerman (TV Episode: Fallen Idols) (2007)
Skye McCole Bartusiak [13] Susan Lester (TV Episode: Bite Me) (2005)
Alison Pill [23] Kelsey Murphy (TV Episode: Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda) (2008)
Ridge Canipe [12] Lucas Hanson (TV Episode: Burn Out) (2006)
Devon Alan [11] Craig Mason (TV Episode: Identity Crisis) (2002)
Mckenna Grace [8] Young Abby Fisher (TV Episode: Dead Woods) (2014)
Angus T. Jones [15] Angus T. Jones (TV Episode: Two and a Half Deaths) (2008)
Ashlyn Sanchez [9] April Torres (TV Episode: A Bullet Runs Through It: Part 1) (2005)
Christa B. Allen [18] Matty Moore (TV Episode: Miscarriage of Justice) (2009)
Daveigh Chase [14] Tessa Press (TV Episode: Turn of the Screws) (2004)
Dyllan Christopher [14] Chase Ryan (TV Episode: 4x4) (2005)
Jimmy 'Jax' Pinchak [7] Boy (TV Episode: Inside the Box) (2003)
Marc Musso [9] Joey, Family Son (TV Episode: Turn of the Screws) (2004)
Sara Paxton [14] Jody Bradley (TV Episode: Burden of Proof) (2002)
Thomas Dekker [17] Jimmy Jones (TV Episode: Harvest) (2004)
Will Rothhaar [17] Sean Becker / Rollercoaster Operator (TV Episode: Turn of the Screws) (2004)
Dan Byrd [17] Jake Bradley (TV Episode: Burden of Proof) (2002)
Steffani Brass [9] Sandy Dantini (TV Episode: Justice Is Served) (2001)
Benjamin Bryan [9] Timmy Dunbar (TV Episode: Grissom Versus the Volcano) (2003)
Juliette Goglia [11] Hannah West (TV Episode: The Unusual Suspect) (2006)
Trenton Rogers [7] 4 year old Danny (TV Episode: Leaving Las Vegas) (2007)
Kesun Loder [16] Alex Palento (TV Episode: The Grave Shift) (2009)
Shane Haboucha [15] Andy Jones (TV Episode: 4x4) (2005)
Jesse Plemons [16] Owen Durbin (TV Episode: Down the Drain) (2004)
Blake Hightower [10] Alley Kid #1 (TV Episode: No Humans Involved) (2004)
John DeVito [7] Jesse / Adam (TV Episode: Still Life) (2005)
Haley Ramm [12] Emily, Family Daughter (TV Episode: Turn of the Screws) (2004)
Khleo Thomas [17] Dante (TV Episode: Poppin' Tags) (2006)
Zane Holtz [14] Dylan Buckley (TV Episode: Overload) (2001)
Ashley Lauren Cunningham Amy Dunbar (TV Episode: Grissom Versus the Volcano) (2003)
Harley Graham [14] Cara Nolan (TV Episode: Under My Skin) (2015)
Michael Welch [15] Steuben Lorenz / Todd Branson (TV Episode: Blood Lust) (2002)
Bella Thorne [17] Hannah Hunt (TV Episode: The Book of Shadows) (2014)
Aidan Gould [13] Will Sutter (TV Episode: Neverland) (2010)
Jackson Pace [13] Avery Keil (TV Episode: Split Decisions) (2012)
Jennette McCurdy [10] Jackie Trent (TV Episode: Cats in the Cradle...) (2002)
Eli Vargas Anthony Lopez (TV Episode: Coup de Grace) (2009)
Colton James [15] Zack Fenish / Charlie Easton (TV Episode: Got Murder?) (2003)
Sierra McCormick [13] Gracie Layman (TV Episode: Irradiator) (2010)
Abigail Bankston Colleen Hughes (13) (TV Episode: Bittersweet) (2011)
Madison Davenport [15] Camryn Pose (TV Episode: All That Cremains) (2011)
Bryce Robinson [11] Robbie Wilton (TV Episode: Sqweegel) (2010)
Justin Bieber [16] Jason McCann (TV Episode: Shock Waves) (2010)
Jesse Littlejohn [15] Tyler Anderson (TV Episode: Gentle, Gentle) (2001)
Sterling Beaumon [16] Drillbit (TV Episode: Zippered) (2011)
Kai Caster Declan Dempsey (TV Episode: Brain Doe) (2011)
Riley Thomas Stewart [9] Kevin Fetzer (10 Years Old) (TV Episode: Crime After Crime) (2011)
Patrick Stogner [11] Bradley Small (TV Episode: All for Our Country) (2003)
Alexandra Gold Jourden Suzy (TV Episode: Loco Motives) (2006)
Skyler Gisondo [11] Danny Curtis (TV Episode: Leaving Las Vegas) (2007)
Jet Jurgensmeyer Conner Wilson (TV Episode: Lost & Found) (2010)
Makenzie Moss Claudia Weber - 4 Years Old (TV Episode: Double Fault) (2013)
Noah Gray-Cabey [15] Steve Reppling (TV Episode: Neverland) (2010)
Nathan Kress [18] Mason Ward (TV Episode: Neverland) (2010)
Aiden Lovekamp Harper Riordan (TV Episode: CSI Unplugged) (2012)
Jameson Baltes Bram / 'Flinch' (TV Episode: Bully for You) (2001)
Nolan Gross Pete McCrone Age 9 (TV Episode: Let's Make a Deal) (2014)
Sloane Coombs Young Nora Waters (TV Episode: Merchants of Menace) (2015)
Leah Bateman Heather Connor (TV Episode: Uninvited) (2014)
Kyla Kenedy [8] Fiona Chambliss (TV Episode: Tell-Tale Hearts) (2011)
Justin Ellings Scotty Gates (TV Episode: Dead in His Tracks) (2014)
Terrell Ransom Jr. Eli Brewster (TV Episode: Fallen Angels) (2012)

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