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Fear Itself (TV series)

Fear Itself (USA)

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A television series broken down into 13 separate 60-minute films from premiere horror writers and directors. - IMDb

Bis aufs Blut West Germany
Fear Itself (cable TV title) Poland
Fear Itself Sweden
Fear Itself USA
Fear Itself Argentina
Fear Itself Australia
Fear Itself Canada
Fear Itself Canada
Fear Itself Ecuador
Fear Itself United Kingdom
Fear Itself Italy
Fear Itself Philippines
FEAR ITSELF フィアー・イットセルフ Japan
Fear Itself: Antologia do Medo Brazil
Fear Itself: la cara del miedo Mexico
Fear Itself: Les Maîtres De La Peur France
A Félelem maga Hungary
Frica Romania
Hirm ise Estonia
Istories tromou (transliterated title) Greece
Oblicza strachu Poland
Terror en estado puro Spain
Terror puro Venezuela
Ιστορίες τρόμου Greece
Воплощение страха Russia

Children's Cast:

Liam James [12] Young Harry (TV Episode: Spooked) (2008)
Cole Heppell [15] Tim Edlund (TV Episode: Skin and Bones) (2008)
Meshach Peters [13] Oliver Orwell (TV Episode: Something with Bite) (2009)
Gig Morton [12] Sean Mahoney (TV Episode: Family Man) (2008)
Nicole Leduc [9] Courtney Mahoney (TV Episode: Family Man) (2008)