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77 Sunset Strip (TV series 1958-1964)

Sunset 77 (USA: working title)

My Rating: /10

Stu Bailey and Jeff Spencer were the wisecracking, womanizing private detective heroes of this Warner Brothers drama. Stu and Jeff worked out of an office located at 77 Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, right next door to a snazzy restaurant where Kookie worked as a valet. The finger-snapping, slang-talking Kookie occasionally helped Stu and Jeff with their cases, and eventually became a full-fledged member of the detective agency. Rex Randolph and J.R. Hale also joined the firm, and Suzanne was their leggy secretary. - IMDb

77-Sunset-Strip West Germany
77-Sunset-Strip Germany
77-Sunset-Strip Austria
Indirizzo permanente Italy
Setenta y Siete Spain
Sunset 77 (working title) USA
Yksityisetsivät Finland
Сансет-Стрип, 77 (Russian title) Soviet Union
サンセット77 (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

Eugene Mazzola [11] Eencho (TV Episode: The Secret of Adam Cain) (1959)
Jay North [8] Timmy Wilson (TV Episode: Eyewitness) (1959)
Charles Herbert [13] Lester Embry (TV Episode: The Lady Has the Answers) (1961)
Sherry Jackson [17] Ophir / Shirley Bent / Ella / ... (TV Episode: The Kookie Caper) (1959)
Tim Rooney [16] Bellboy (TV Episode: Walk Among Tigers) (1963)
Bart Braverman [13] Guido Orsini (TV Episode: A Bargain in Tombs) (1959)
Pat Cardi [13] Skip Barnes (TV Episode: Not Such a Simple Knot) (1964)
Dennis Holmes [10] Pete (TV Episode: The Valley Caper) (1960)
Billy E. Hughes [15] Terry Nilson (TV Episode: By His Own Verdict) (1963)
Ronnie Dapo [11] Danny Saunders (TV Episode: The Left Field Caper) (1963)
Ricky Kelman [11] Randolph (TV Episode: Attic) (1960)
Robert 'Rusty' Stevens [12] Max (TV Episode: Attic) (1960)
Robert John Pittman [4] Ajax (TV Episode: Attic) (1960)
Susan Gordon [13] Netsie Phelps (TV Episode: The Dark Wood) (1962)
Tuesday Weld [16] Kitten Lang / Barrie Connell (TV Episode: Secret Island) (1959)
Evelyn Rudie [11] Angel Conway (TV Episode: Publicity Brat) (1960)