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Vacation Playhouse (TV series 1963-1967)

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Summer replacement show featuring pilot programs that had not been sold. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Bill Mumy [12] Chris Williams (TV Episode: The Two of Us) (1966)
Ted Eccles [12] Googie (TV Episode: My Boy Googie) (1967)
Clint Howard [5] Little Boy (TV Episode: Hey, Teacher) (1964)
Peter Robbins [8] Richard (TV Episode: Hey, Teacher) (1964)
Ann Jillian [15] Debbie Towbridge / Bev Ferguson (TV Episode: Alec Tate) (1965)
Ricky Allen Richie Packard (TV Episode: Where There's Smokey) (1966)
Jimmie Lee Gaines [9] Scotty (TV Episode: Hey, Teacher) (1964)
Robert John Pittman [7] (TV Episode: Come a-Runnin') (1963)
Cherylene Lee [10] Kim Chi / Samantha Soo (TV Episode: Hooray for Love) (1963)

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