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Earth 2 (TV series 1994-1995)

Earth 2 (USA)
Earth2 (USA: alternative spelling)
Earth² (USA: alternative spelling)

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In the future, the human race is living in space stations orbiting a dead Earth. Faced with a debilitating disease attacking her young son, Devon Adair and a band of non-conformists leave their artificial environment and travel to a distant planet, where they begin a new life for themselves. - IMDb

Earth 2 Canada
Earth 2 Canada
Earth 2 West Germany
Earth 2 Netherlands
Earth 2 USA
Earth 2 South Africa
Earth 2 France
Earth2 (alternative spelling) USA
Earth² (alternative spelling) USA
Föld 2 Hungary
Inna Ziemia Poland
Maa 2 Finland
Progetto Eden Italy
A Terra 2 Portugal
Tierra 2 Spain
Zem 2 Slovakia
Země 2 Czechoslovakia
Ziemia 2 Poland
Земля 2 Russia
アース2 Japan

Children's Cast:

Joey Zimmerman [8] Ulysses Adair (TV Episode: Flower Child) (1994)
Andrew J. Ferchland [8] Ragamuffin (TV Episode: The Greatest Love Story Never Told) (1995)
J. Madison Wright [10] True Danziger (TV Episode: Flower Child) (1994)