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1997 August, 28
114 minutes
Drama / Mystery / Thriller
$ 6 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 6 330 054


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Wade Whitehouse is a sheriff of a small New Hampshire town who achieved nothing in life in the opinion of his ex-wife Lillian and daughter Jill and is a heavy drinker. His girlfriend Margie accepts him the way he is. On the first day of the hunting season, Wade's friend Jack takes a wealthy businessman to hunt - and only Jack returns alive. Wade decides to play detective and starts investigating the case despite the fact Jack insists it was an accidental self-inflicted shot. - IMDb

Affliction - Verijäljet (TV title) Finland
Aflicció (Catalan title) Spain
Aflicción Spain
Confrontação Portugal
Días de furia Peru
Días de furia Argentina
Dias de Furia (DVD box title) Mexico
Der Gejagte Austria
Der Gejagte Germany
Den jagede Norway
Den jagede (video title) Denmark
Kisvárosi gyilkosság Hungary
Na ivici razuma Serbia
Odyni (video title) Greece
Ont blod Sweden
Prywatne pieklo Poland
Temporada de Caça Brazil
Verijäljet Finland
Мъчение (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
Скорбь Russia

Children's Cast:

Brawley Nolte [11] Young Wade Whitehouse
Michael Caloz [12] Young Rolfe Whitehouse
Brigid Tierney [12] Jill Whitehouse

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