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The Donna Reed Show (TV series 1958-1966)

The Donna Reed Show (Australia)

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Another popular 1950's sitcom about a close family. The Stones consist of loving homemaker Donna, her pediatrician husband Alex, and their children Mary and Jeff. Many situations arise like when they found a baby on their doorstep or take in a rebellious youth or when Donna tries to patch up marital spats among friends. - IMDb

Alles draait om moeder (informal literal title) Netherlands
Donna Reed Finland
The Donna Reed Show Australia
The Donna Reed Show Brazil
The Donna Reed Show Canada
The Donna Reed Show Ecuador
The Donna Reed Show United Kingdom
The Donna Reed Show Italy
The Donna Reed Show Singapore
The Donna Reed Show USA
La famille Stone Canada
Mutter ist die Allerbeste West Germany
Mutter ist die Allerbeste West Germany
El Show de Donna Reed Spain
El Show de Donna Reed Venezuela
Шоу Донны Рид Soviet Union
ドナ・リード・ショー Japan

Children's Cast:

Billy Booth [15] Petey (TV Episode: Teamwork) (1964)
Johnny Crawford [15] Victor (TV Episode: A Very Bright Boy) (1961)
Bobby Clark [17] Gordie (TV Episode: The Good Guys and the Bad Guys) (1961)
Jay North [9] Dennis Mitchell (TV Episode: Donna Decorates) (1960)
Paul Petersen [13] Jeff Stone (TV Episode: By-Line--Jeff Stone) (1958)
Patty Petersen Trisha Stone (TV Episode: By-Line--Jeff Stone) (1963)
Charles Herbert [10] David Barker (TV Episode: Guest in the House) (1958)
Jimmy Hawkins [17] Scotty / George Haskell / Jerry / ... (TV Episode: Do Me a Favor, Don't Do Me Any Favors) (1958)
Lee Aaker [16] Walter the Wizard / Kenny (TV Episode: That's Show Business) (1959)
Doreen Tracey [16] Flo (TV Episode: April Fool) (1959)
Kevin Tate [11] Lennie (TV Episode: Uncle Jeff Needs You) (1965)
Tim Rooney [16] Zack (TV Episode: Air Date) (1963)
Tiger Fafara [15] Charlie (TV Episode: Pickles for Charity) (1960)
Rickie Sorensen [12] Bobby Cole (TV Episode: The Beaded Bag) (1958)
Roger Mobley [12] Tony Jr. (TV Episode: Tony Martin Visits) (1961)
Stephen Wootton [15] Greg / Eddie / Wilbur (TV Episode: A Place to Go) (1960)
Kim Charney [13] Chunky Langley (TV Episode: Pardon My Gloves) (1958)
Ronald Anton [14] Timmy (TV Episode: The Broken Spirit) (1960)
Gregory Irvin [7] Mousie Myers (TV Episode: Nothing But the Truth) (1959)
Scotty Morrow [12] Pee Wee (TV Episode: The Hike) (1958)
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