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Berts dagbok (2020)
Comedy / Family
Ostorozhno deti (2020)
Comedy / Family
Devyatayev (2021)
Bender: Nachalo (2021)
Action / Adventure
The King's Man (2021)
Action / Adventure
La daronne (2020)
Comedy / Crime
The Peanut Butter Falcon (2019)
Adventure / Comedy

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Après avoir purgé trois ans de prison, Gloria se rend chez Kevin, son ancien amant, dont elle avait volontairement endossé le crime.
USA  2013 Drama Spielfilm
Le jeune Oliver est élevé dans un sinistre orphelinat au temps de l'Angleterre victorienne.
Oliver Twist
Au Texas, Sean Kilpatrick est un shérif respecté de tous, qui s'attache à faire régner l'ordre de façon non violente.
Le shérif ne pardonne pas
Le paquebot Poséidon navigue vers la Grèce depuis New York.
L'aventure du Poséidon
Séparée de son mari Stephen, Meg Altman emménage avec son adorable fille, Sarah, dans une résidence de standing, dotée, au dernier étage, d'une chambre entièrement sécurisée, véritable bunker inviolable.
Panic Room
Dix ans après son apparition, la grippe simienne a décimé une partie de l'humanité.
La planète des singes: l'affrontement
Film 1978
Police Commissioner Rizzo, Bigfoot (Piedone by nickname) and Marshal Caputo go to Egypt and look for Professor Cerullo, who is missing.
Piedone d'Egitto
F  2019 Drama Spielfilm
Drei Tage und ein Leben
16+ Фантастика.
In the fall of 1959, for a time capsule, students draw pictures of life as they imagine it will be in 50 years.

Added Movies

Year: 2022
Country: USA
Genre: Crime / Romance
Review: With his girlfriend pregnant, Dante, a pacifist hippie who makes lip balm called, Mama Earth; is struggling to keep his bills paid. After finding a mysterious flyer for a Birthday Clown Wanted, Dante calls the number and obtains the job. At the Birthday Party he meets a female clown named, Pele. After joining her Pity Party, Dante is pulled into an underworld and quickly finds himself in over his head. - IMDb
Les particules élémentaires (mini)
Year: 2021
Country: France
Aurore (mini)
Year: 2017
Country: France
Genre: Crime / Drama / Mystery
Review: Two children at a crime scene. One is guilty; the other, a witness. 20 years later, one is trying to forget, while the second one will never be able to. When their paths cross again, it all resurfaces. Who will be the victim this time round? Who will be the culprit? Can one ever escape the past? - IMDb
Un amour impossible
Year: 2018
Country: France Belgium
Genre: Biography / Drama / Romance
Review: In the late 1950s in Châteauroux, France, Rachel, a modest office worker, meets Philippe, a brilliant young man born to a bourgeois family. This brief but passionate connection results in the birth of a daughter, Chantal. Philippe refuses to marry outside of his social class and Rachel has to raise their daughter alone. Regardless, Chantal is a great source of happiness for Rachel. She wishes for Philippe to legally acknowledge his daughter, which would give her his last name. A battle of more than ten years ensues, which will eventually break up all of their lives. - IMDb
Year: 2019
Country: France
Genre: Short / Drama
Review: Max had everything then he lost his most precious possession and life was no longer worth living. After months of dwelling in the streets an encounter with a barman who treats him with kindness changes his look on life. - IMDb
Temps de Chien! (TV)
Year: 2019
Country: France
Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance
Review: Captain of a "bateau-mouche", fifty-something Jean is going through a seriously bad patch: suspended by his boss, he risks losing custody of his children and sees himself evicted from his flat. But his meeting with Victor, a young struggling musician, leads to the perspective of better days to come. - IMDb
Disparu à jamais (mini)
Year: 2021
Country: France
Genre: Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Review: Guillaume thought he had drawn a line under the terrible tragedy which saw the two people he loved the most die. Ten years later, Judith, whose love has made his life worth living again, suddenly disappears during his mother's funeral. - IMDb
Sam (TV series)
Year: 2016
Country: France
Genre: Comedy / Drama
Meng xiang jia
Year: 1987
Country: China
Genre: Family
Review: Elementary school teachers alter their methods to increase the pupils' confidence in learning. - IMDb
Les légendaires (TV series)
Year: 2017
Country: France
Genre: Animation

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