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Chu lian na jian xiao shi (TV series)
Year: 2019
Country: China
Genre: Drama
Review: Tells the story of an ordinary girl who falls head over heels for the most popular guy in school. - IMDb

Vincent & Theo (mini)
Year: 1990
Country: France Netherlands UK Germany Italy
Genre: Biography / Drama
Review: Oscar winner Robert Altman directs this biography of a struggling Vincent Van Gogh and his relationship with Theo, his art-dealer brother. Starring actors Tim Roth and Paul Rhys. Beautifully acted and visually stunning. - IMDb

To thavma tis Megaloharis
Year: 1965
Country: Greece
Genre: Drama
Review: For the past six years, a desperate mother and her husband have been trying to locate their only daughter who is in the clutches of a ruthless wandering Romani musician. Will the miracle-working Virgin Mary reunite her with her family? - IMDb

To agrimi
Year: 1960
Country: Greece
Genre: Comedy / Romance
Review: A lively girl, Kakia, works to help her sick mother, but her rebellious character brings her into frequent conflict with her bosses. Friction with the snooty and aloof Maro is the pretense for her being fired; in this way, however, she attracts the interest of Andreas, Maro's wealthy fiancé. Andreas falls in love with her and is willing to help her find a job as a model, but he gets into trouble, since he is dealing with an untamed creature who isn't easily dazzled by glamor and possessions. Maro, of course, on her side, does anything she can to break up their relationship, but doesn't succeed, and the love of Kakia and Andreas survives to a happy ending. - IMDb

Tyflos angelos
Year: 1960
Country: Greece
Genre: Drama

To potami
Year: 1960
Country: Greece USA
Genre: Adventure / Drama
Review: Four different stories taking place at border river between two enemy states. - IMDb

Sanitka (TV series)
Year: 1984
Country: Czechoslovakia
Genre: Drama
Review: The ever-changing world and the pulse of human hearts, And every second of this time, someone is dying. And there's always someone with him. - IMDb

Shi tu xing zhe 2: Die ying xing dong
Year: 2019
Country: Hong Kong China
Genre: Action
Review: After they uncover evidence that there is corruption in the police force, three police officers in Hong Kong try to discover which of them can be trusted. - IMDb

Guo Zhao Guan
Year: 2018
Country: China
Genre: Family

Opération Commando
Year: 2016
Country: Switzerland
Genre: Short / Adventure
Review: Children play war in this summer camp, a war opposing the Indians to the Commandos. Two brothers are separated in between the two rival groups. The eldest promises the youngest that he will go look for him on their first night. - IMDb

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