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Year: 2013
Country: Spain
Genre: Short / Comedy / Family
Review: Tomas lives with his father in a caravan outside town. One day in school he is asked to write an essay about his father, worker in the active products industry. - IMDb

Year: 2014
Country: Spain
Genre: Short / Comedy / Drama / Family
Review: Samuel is an eleven year old kid that lives on the street as a consequence of the economical crisis. His portrait is the portrait of the country where he lives, Spain, that with an unemployment rate of almost the 25 per cent is quite far from being the advanced and happy country that was just a few years ago. Despite this the kid tells us his story with an approach full of irony and humor, showing an amazing lucidity considering his young age. - IMDb

Próféta voltál szívem
Year: 1968
Country: Hungary
Genre: Drama

Sziget a szárazföldön
Year: 1969
Country: Hungary
Genre: Drama

Year: 1969
Country: Hungary
Genre: Drama / History

Year: 1971
Country: Hungary
Genre: Drama
Review: Luca regularly visits her bedridden mother-in-law. Luca's husband, János, has been arrested on a trumped up political charge, and Luca does not know if he is still alive. Luca hides this from his mother by making up letters purporting to be from János who is directing a big film in New York. Luca discovers that János is alive, and is dismissed from her teaching job because of her husband. The dying mother anxiously awaits the return of her son from New York. - IMDb

Jó estét nyár, jó estét szerelem (TV)
Year: 1972
Country: Hungary
Genre: Drama / Romance

Plusz-mínusz egy nap
Year: 1973
Country: Hungary
Genre: Drama
Review: Mail for translation. Baradla Geza eletfogytiglan elitelt haborus bunos negyedszazad utan szabadulva a bortonbol, rogeszmesen tisztazni szeretne hajdani tettet a megvaltozott vilaggal. Volt katonatarsat, a nagy vitalitasu Obrad Simont penzzel raveszi, hogy terjen vissza vele a faluba, ahol a buntettet Baradla elkovette. Obrad elfogadja az ajanlatot, bar sok ertelmet nem latja. S amint belemerul az uj emberi kapcsolatok elvezetebe, el is felejti a valodi jovetele celjat. Baradlanak ezzel szemben semmit sem sikerul tisztaznia a faluban. S fiatalabb korosztaly nem is tud a szornyusegrol, akik pedig hallottak valamit vagy emlekeznek, azok most hallgatnak es felnek. Baradla, minden vagyakozasa es probalkozasa ellenere semmifele kapcsolatteremtesre nem kepes. Kivulmaradasa gyuloletet igy Obrad ellen forditja. - IMDb

Az ötödik pecsét
Year: 1976
Country: Hungary
Genre: Drama / War
Review: In Budapest in 1944, a watchmaker, a book seller and a carpenter are drinking in a bar with the owner,when they are joined by a stranger. The watchmaker asks a hypothetical question that will change their lives. - IMDb

Wildside (TV series 1997-1999)
Year: 1997
Country: Australia
Genre: Crime / Drama / Mystery
Review: Follow the men and women who work in a downtown police station and a renegade crisis centre in the tough red light district of Sydney, as they deal with the endless array of problems, crimes and triumphs that tumble onto the streets. - IMDb

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