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Sensoria (2015)
Drama / Horror
Berni e il giovane faraone (2019)
Adventure / Comedy
The Music Box (2018)
The Nest (Il nido) (2019)
Horror / Mystery
Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2020)
Action / Comedy
Il signor Diavolo (2019)
Horror / Mystery
The Bobot (2018)
Adventure / Family
Jumanji: The Next Level (2019)
Action / Adventure

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Krutá kráľovná Gedren túži po absolútnej moci nad svetom.
Rudá Sonja
Grace, une veuve, élève seule son fils de 10 ans, Zachary.
L'homme qui n'aimait pas Noël
12+ Комедия.
GB  2010 Fantasykomödie Spielfilm ab 10 Jahren
Eine zauberhafte Nanny – Knall auf Fall in ein neues Abenteuer
F/GB  1993 Epos Spielfilm
Little Buddha
amerikai thriller,2007
Baleset éri a Patriot űrsiklót, maradványai szétszóródnak az Egyesült Államok területén.
amerikai romantikus film,2012
Logan Thibault tengerészgyalogos őrmester épen és egészségesen tér vissza Irakból.
D/A  2008 TV-Komödie Spielfilm
Der Nikolaus im Haus
GB/F  2014 Familienkomödie Spielfilm ab 6 Jahren
Claire, veuve, élève seule ses deux enfants Marius et Zoé.
Coût de chance

Added Movies

Chistye prudy
Year: 1965
Country: Soviet Union
Genre: Drama
Kuk Doo Koo
Year: 1985
Country: India
Genre: Comedy
A Boy of the seaside
Year: 1982
Country: South Korea
Call of the Cuckoo
Year: 1927
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy / Short
Review: Mishaps befall a new home owner located next door to an insane asylum. - IMDb
The Divorcee
Year: 1930
Country: USA
Genre: Romance / Drama
Review: When a woman discovers that her husband has been unfaithful to her, she decides to respond to his infidelities in kind. - IMDb
A Very Corgi Christmas (TV)
Year: 2019
Country: Canada
Genre: Romance
Review: All hard working single mom Lauren Bradley wants this holiday is a well earned rest. Her hopes are dashed when she runs into single dad Ben who asks her to help take care of a cute and cuddly Christmas present he's bought for his daughter. Through all the calls & interruptions work, she might just get the best gift of all, the holiday spirit. - IMDb
Zawsze warto (TV series)
Year: 2019
Country: Poland
Genre: Drama
Ikar. Legenda Mietka Kosza
Year: 2019
Country: Poland
Genre: Biography / Drama
Review: "Icarus" is the true story of Mieczyslaw "Mietek" Kosz, a Polish jazz pianist who died in tragic circumstances and whose life we see through select episodes depicting the most influential moments in his life and career: his childhood on a poor farm in the farmlands of Poland and the loss of his eyesight at age 12 to a debilitating disease and the trauma that it causes. We witness the birth of his gifts - an uncanny ear for music and his determination shared only by true virtuoso's. We witness the great heights he achieves in his career that is accompanied by his loneliness and desperate need for acceptance. We see how low he falls due to his fight with alcoholism and trying to deal with the consequences of his fame. All this leads to his "rebirth" when he meets the love of his life, Ewa. - IMDb
Na sygnale (TV series)
Year: 2014
Country: Poland
Genre: Drama
Review: The series shows the work of paramedics of the ambulance service. - IMDb
Vi vil ha' et barn
Year: 1949
Country: Denmark
Genre: Drama
Review: Else and her husband want a child but Else can't have one following an abortion performed before she got married. When Jytte, her friend, a salesgirl who is the mistress of a married man, tells her she is pregnant, Else thinks she has worked things out: along with her husband she will adopt the unwanted child. But things turn out differently since Jytte decides to keep the newborn the moment she sets eyes on it. Fortunately Else was not sterile and at long last gets pregnant. The couple's dream is fulfilled. - IMDb

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Top 10 Movies

1. Sexuele voorlichting (1991)
Votes: 60
2. En tu ausencia (2008)
Votes: 64
3. Barnens ö (1980)
Votes: 98
4. Voor een verloren soldaat (1992)
Votes: 55
5. La gloire de mon père (1990)
Votes: 52
6. Krempoli - Ein Platz für wilde Kinder (1975)
Votes: 44
7. Pelle erobreren (1987)
Votes: 49
8. Du er ikke alene (1978)
Votes: 85
9. Le souffle au coeur (1971)
Votes: 39
10. Hjartasteinn (2016)
Votes: 12

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