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Sechs Richtige (mini)

Aka: Správná šestka (Czech Republic)
Director: Karel Smyczek
Year: 1992
Country: Germany
Genre: Family

My Rating:
IMDb User Rating: 6.8/10
Votes: 21

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"6 Richtige" is a small czech serie in 6 parts...
In a small village in the 50ies six friends (four boys and two girls) wants to experience some adventures in the summer holidays. Lisbeth, Friedhelm, Gretel, Heini, Gustav and Alfred arranging a bathtub for a float journey or performing a theatre at the yearly village party... - MaxMorrow

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Children's Cast:

Adam Novák [12] Alfred
Hana Kusnjerová Maria, Parson's Daughter
Sandra Nováková [11] Gretel (TV Episode: Sechs Richtige und das Dorffest) (1993)