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21 Jump Street (TV series)

Aka: Nuevos policías (Spain)
Director: Kim Manners, Bill Corcoran, James Whitmore Jr., Jorge Montesi, Jefferson Kibbee, Neill Fearnley, James A. Contner, David Nutter, David Jackson, Larry Shaw, Mario Van Peebles, Randy Bradshaw, Peter DeLuise, Brenton Spencer, Steve Beers, Michael Robison, Daniel Attias, Tucker Gates, Ken Wiederhorn, Don McBrearty, Zale Dalen, Brad Turner, Rob Bowman, Kevin Hooks, Les Sheldon, Gary Winter, Jonathan Wacks, Jeffrey Auerbach, Robert Iscove, Jan Eliasberg, Peter D. Marshall, Steven Williams
Year: 1987
Country: USA
Runtime: 60 minutes
Genre: Crime / Drama / Mystery

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21 Jump Street is the headquarters for a squad of police officers who specialize in investigations relating to young people. Each of the Jump St. personnel was selected for their ability to pass for high school or college students, allowing them to operate undercover in areas where it is difficult for regular police officers to blend in unnoticed. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

    Joshua John Miller [13]   Brian Sheffield (TV Episode: In the Custody of a Clown) (1987)
    Casey Ellison [13]   Young Jack Archer (TV Episode: Woolly Bullies) (1989)
    David Krumholtz [12]   Marty (TV Episode: Blackout) (1990)
    Luke Edwards [9]   Young Hanson (TV Episode: Woolly Bullies) (1989)
    Maia Brewton [12]   Maureen Maroney (TV Episode: Woolly Bullies) (1989)
    Margaret Langrick [16]   Noreen Weckerle (TV Episode: I'm OK - You Need Work) (1987)
    Shane Meier [13]   Ozzie Smith Fan (TV Episode: Rounding Third) (1990)
    Tony Dakota   Clavo (TV Episode: Number One with a Bullet) (1990)
    R.J. Williams [11]   Young Doug Penhall (TV Episode: Woolly Bullies) (1989)