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Sexuele voorlichting (Video)

Aka: Puberty: Sexual Education for Boys and Girls (World-wide)
Director: Ronald Deronge
Year: 1991
Country: Belgium
Runtime: 28 minutes
Genre: Documentary / Short

My Rating:
IMDb User Rating: 7.8/10
Votes Percentage Rating
22 46.8% 10
6 12.8% 9
4 8.5% 8
2 4.3% 7
2 4.3% 6
4 8.5% 5
2 4.3% 4
0 0.0% 3
1 2.1% 2
4 8.5% 1
Votes: 47

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This sex education movie explore themes of body development, sexual hygiene, masturbation, menstruation, puberty, sex and giving birth.

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User Commentaries:

Posted: 20 Oct 2016, 02:17
Peck2717: Educational proposes were used

Posted: 5 Sep 2016, 04:41
malnegas: This film is available on the web, I have just watched it,and frankly there is nothing remotely sexual about it. Everything in this documentary is purely natural and if the sight of naked children offends some people then I suggest that they stay off the internet

Posted: 6 Feb 2016, 17:21
ronnymo: This film was released mid-90s, I believe. I remember the ads in the tv magazine back then where they mentioned a second version specialy made for school. Times did change here as wel. And I am not shure if a school accual showed it to his pupils.
It is unthinkable that would happen now.

Posted: 31 Jan 2015, 18:58
spnkng: Very controversian educational film. I hope that in the future it won't be that controversial.
I think children should be allowed to watch this kind of educational films, they need to see things "for real".

Rating: 5

"Behold the true beuty! It shines out from everyone who truly love!"

Posted: 15 Apr 2014, 01:28
marius: I assume this movie is illegal in Belgium too nowadays.

Times are changing.

Posted: 7 Oct 2013, 21:17
RareFilmFinder: This film is most likely illegal outside Belgium because of scenes of sexual nature involving underage actors.

Rating: 6