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Piccole labbra

Aka: Eva (UK: video title)
Director: Mimmo Cattarinich
Year: 1978
Country: Spain
Runtime: 86 minutes
Genre: Drama

My Rating:
IMDb User Rating: 6.4/10
Votes Percentage Rating
9 37.5% 10
1 4.2% 9
2 8.3% 8
1 4.2% 7
1 4.2% 6
2 8.3% 5
0 0.0% 4
4 16.7% 3
0 0.0% 2
4 16.7% 1
Votes: 24

Video (1)

A famous writer returns home from war. Embittered over his wounds and tormented by visions of his former lover, thoughts of suicide seem to be the only solution.....but then she happens, Katya, a young innocent girl on the brink of exploring her own sexuality. His love for her grows into an obsession. That, at first, renews his life!

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Children's Cast:

    Katya Berger [14]   Eva

User Commentaries:

Posted: 1 Jul 2012, 04:41
atlante140: The only disturbing thing in this otherwise beautiful movie is the Italian title, “Piccole labbra”, which translates as “Little lips” into English. It is hard to understand why such a delicately and tastefully sensual movie is given a title which would better fit a porno flick. The spanish title, “Historia de Eva” (History of Eva), albeit unpretentious, is much better. The nudity in the movie is very discrete and tasteful, like that which can appear in a piece of art. It gives sweet feelings and emotions to the soul, rather than exciting the senses. Katya Berger gives a great interpretation of little Eva, the heroine of the story.

Posted: 10 Nov 2008, 23:58
littlecori: I saw the movie. It is a very touching theme that gets out of hand as the man becomes obsessed to the extreme of controlling her. She, of course, rebells, and in the end loses him. I believe it is a should see film.