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La ritirata

Director: Elisabetta Bernardini
Year: 2009
Country: Italy
Runtime: 18 minutes
Genre: Short / Drama

My Rating:
IMDb User Rating: 6.6/10
Votes Percentage Rating
1 20.0% 10
0 0.0% 9
0 0.0% 8
0 0.0% 7
3 60.0% 6
1 20.0% 5
0 0.0% 4
0 0.0% 3
0 0.0% 2
0 0.0% 1
Votes: 5

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Rosa is thirteen. She has a younger sister, Lucia, and a younger brother, Dumì. At the time of the story her parents are away. She has a daily chore her mother gave her and that everybody knows about, especially her grandparents, to whom she and her brothers have been left. Rosa has a big love that she has to take care of, that she has to protect at any cost, and she is the only one to know about it. It is a love that is special and dangerous. Rosa races through the fields, every day the same path underneath a scorching sun, to reach and stay with her love, even if only for a few hours. His survival depends on her. But someone has been spying on her and she is forced to commit an extreme gesture to save her love. And he has to do the same not to compromise her. World war two is around them and in the rest of the world. - IMDb

Keywords: Show

Children's Cast:

    Valery Usai   Rosa
    Federica Dezi   Lucia
    Leonardo Caneva   Dumì