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Keeper'n til Liverpool

Aka: The Liverpool Goalie (World-wide)
Director: Arild Andresen
Year: 2010
Country: Norway
Runtime: 90 minutes
Genre: Comedy

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Middle-school teenage suburbanite Jo Idstad (Ask van der Hagen) lives with his widowed mom Else (Andrine Saether, "Junk Mail") somewhere near Oslo. Ever since Jo's dad died a couple of years ago (shown slipping in the shower, in a blackly comic flashback), overprotective Else has frightened Jo out of doing anything dangerous, including soccer. Like all his other friends, studious Jo is an avid collector of international soccer-player cards; everyone wants to get his hands on the rarest -- the one showing Liverpool goalkeeper Jose Manuel Reina.
Jo's thuggish classmate Tom Erik (Jostein Skranes Brox) has coerced Jo into regularly doing his homework for him, a chore that eats considerably into Jo's spare time. But when a new girl, pretty and clever Mari (Susanne Boucher), arrives at school, Jo begins to feel the need to develop more assertiveness. When a Liverpool goalie card falls into his hands, he finally sees a way out.

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Children's Cast:

    Ask von der Hagen   Jo
    Jostein Brox   Tom Erik
    Susanne Boucher   Mari
    Mattis Sverdrup Asker   Einar