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Die Liebesbriefe einer portugiesischen Nonne

Aka: Love Letters from a Portuguese Nun (USA: video catalogue title)
Love Letters of a Portuguese Nun (USA)
Director: Jesús Franco
Year: 1977
Country: West Germany
Runtime: 89 minutes
Genre: Drama / Adventure / Horror

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16-year-old Maria is forced into Serra D'Aires convent, secretly run by Satanists. Her confessor is in collusion with the Mother Superior. Maria is tortured, forced into sex with men, women, and the horned Devil, and told that it's all a bad dream. She writes a letter to God, and a Knight rescues her, only to fall into the hands of the Inquisition, put on the rack, and condemned to death like Joan of Arc. - IMDb

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Children's Cast:

    Susan Hemingway   Maria Rosalea Coutinho

User Commentaries:

Posted: 16 Jan 2015, 03:12
Anime Fan: According to IMDB, this movie was actually completed in 1975, not 1977... making Susan Hemingway 14 when her scenes were shot. The movie was not released, however, until 1977 due to editing/censorship issues. (See the IMDB entry for more details.)

Posted: 14 Apr 2011, 22:51
ilovmovies: In the 1970's director Jess Franco, along with Luis Bunuel, shared the title of "Most Dangerous Filmmakers in The World"... a nice little title bestowed on them by the catholic church. This is one of his dangerous films. The plot obviously parallels a Marquis De Sade novel and tells the story of a teen girl whisked off to a convent where she shall be saved from her wicked sexual inclinations. This movie is not for the squeamish